Add some water, place a skeleton on top...

Here are some pix of the fountain which I finished last weekend (big thanks to Anke) :


New Slayers

After some time on my worktop these two slayers only needed their final finishing touches. Of course this takes as much time as painting the first steps, but in the end they are done now! Based and ready to fight.

Actually they already starred many a fight in their almost finished state, but now it is al for real. I even took time to take proper pictures to show of these bulging biceps and very orange mohawks. I think a good adition to my Mordheim slayer warband for now!

Of course, more slayers can join, so more will be painted (or else they will be part of the new to form Warhammer Fantasy batlle army of dwarves that is about to form (in the next coming months that is).


West Gate House: Mordheim and chopping trees

Silence lay down in the city of Mordheim. During the day all creatures of the night are out of sight. At the west gate house a lumbering Oak tree is swaying in the wind. Or is it swaying to hit passersby to keep it from coming any closer. It is rumoured to hide a big treasure of some sort. how this tree became the protector and how a tree became a protector is all subject to the 2-tail comet striking down. This evening the slayers venture out to investigate this Oak tree and it's treasure. After a night quaffing ale this is just the activity to get out and about. While approaching the west gate house and the aquaduct, the tree is already visibible. It looks menacingly gnarly in this twilight (link to scenario)


In the disctance hoof sounds and some loud adventurers group can be heard. More are about this night to venture around this tree....

The slayers group up and make their way across the city slowly and carefully. You never want to miss out on a good fight somewhere to seek your doom (or find good treasure for that matter!). In the meantime the adventurers in the distance found some trouble to the sounds of it. The scraping and lurching noises of some foul undead have been encountered apparantly! A vampire is just the thing for the slayers! They have a record of getting rid of these suckers! It is too far of for now to start running towards the melee (maybe only some zombies, no glory in dying at a loose zombie bite there is).

It appears the tree is moving about lightly, but it could also be looks decieving. Was it moving towards the well to get some of that yellow foul smelling water? Upon approaching the big Oak, it is not alone over here! Some small saplings are in the way. Just the thing for some dwarf slayers with big axes! In no time they start chopping away at these no good in-the-way branches.
At the other side of the aquaduct beastmen arrive to also find some sapplings. In stead of lifting a hoof or nibbling these branches the beastmen find themselves attacked by these woods ad a fight starts here as well.

The adventurers and undead are more busy with each other then with trees and the slayers find a free way to the big Oak tree which is now swaying violantly with it's big branches. One hit from these will nock you right out of your Mohawk!
5 Slayers charge the big fellow and start chopping. Since this is a big old gnalry tree it can take some hits. The slayers get 2 big cuts in right away. The tree starts fighting back! This is nog little defensless tree mind! This is heavy stuff. From the other side beastmen pour in for a claim to chop down this piece of wood! The slayers are carved of better wood then these beasties since the beastmen get swatted away quite easily by the tree. The slayers dodge and parry with all axes and might they have. After a while they get some more chunks carved out of the tree and it starts to topple, but not just yet! It is still harrassing the dwarfs with big branches that can flatten a man! This is a glorious battle and all slayers want a piece of this, this could be a glorious death (although from a tree....).

After more rounds of hacking away one of the slayers with a monstrous double handed Gromril axe hits THE spot with all his might, this is the final blow and the Oak tree goes down. What a fight what a tension, but they did it.
In the background some noises of fights between adventurers and undead die down and the beasties also find this a good moment to look for trouble somewhere else in the city of Mordheim.
The night now really comes in and it is a good moment to end all this and find a good ale somewhere. The slayers are till somewhat in batlle frenzie but one of the clansman is clear of mind to remember this was all about some treasure.....what about this and some digging and rummaging begins....


New graveyard in town

Aside from some heavy duty work in home, changing rooms into gamerooms and making a baby room I found some time to start working on a new large graveyard tile for our Mordheim scenery. It is still work in progress but all the stone is painted already.

Only the mudd and some grass needs to be put on for it to be a good playable part of our scenery. Since the game is this friday I hope I can find some time to finish and it can come along to the gaming table between all other parts of new scenery. I think those undead will be very happy when they will be fielded this friday!


WIP: Wall of Morr

A small update on my progress of this weekend. I worked most of the time on the square where both the fountain and the wall of Morr will be placed. The wall is also built by the same friend that I talked about. In this case I had to finish it by creating a top cover (using Hirst Moulds tiles). Further more I did some little upgrades and paint work.
Most effort went into the basing of the floor plan. I hope the three components, wall, fountain and floor; will be finished for our next game friday.

And now for the images that will say so much more (I hope):


WiP: Fountain of Morr

Years ago a friend of mine made some Mordheim scenery himself, which we used intensively (despite its looks ;-)
The only remaining piece that was still in my possession was a fountain like structure. Recently this guy gave me another home grown Mordheim building (and he does not even play anymore!). This piece is a lot better and I promised to use it in my scenery. This weekend I hope to find the time to finally finish a new Mordheim square to incorporates both the new piece and the old fountain.

The fountain is upgraded and pimped by me using Hirst Moulds pieces and a very peculiar miniature (also given to me, this time by my Czech brother- and sister-in-law ;-)

Some work in progress pictures of the fountain are presented here (and that's it for today):

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