inspiration needed: dark elf sorceress on cold one

This cold one project is one of those side projects running along other "main" projects. I always keep such a model on the side to spend some painting time on when waiting for other paint to dry.
This dark elf sorceress featured in some of my posts but now gets its own attention.

The reason for this being, I'm a bit stuck how to progress. Of course I can continue to fill in the remaining details: eyes, a book, some gems, the base of course. But still it seems to somewhat empty here and there. So I just throw it out here for all to see, and maybe get some great tips or inspiration on how to finish this model.


Building progress

Tom already posted some messages about our scenery building day, so here's a little follow up about my results.

Lately my paint and modelling works have been a bit delayed by the stream of incoming books of the local library. The current system of online searching the catalogs of several libraries combined and ordering books (for free!) has an increasing impact on my spare time. (Currently I'm reading 'Song of Wrath'). The system however contains a level of unpredictability: Books will arrive, but you never know when. Last weeks several books I ordered months ago all of sudden arrived together, claiming lots of time...

Despite this, I managed to finish two buildings for Mordheim that are showed here below. Other overly ambitious plans concerning Warhammer, Carpathia and above all Flames of War models were delayed...

The first building is a sort of small temple like structure, located on a peninsula. The building has a typical shape that just 'happened to be' when I was playing around with the Hirst Arts blocks.

Perhaps "temple of the A's" is a good name for this piece(?). I hope the construction will prove to be strong enough to withstand all violence that will take place here :-)

The second piece is also on a 'standard' 20 * 20 centimeters square; it's a main road guarded by four small 'towers'. A smaller path crosses the main road in the middle of the board. This path has two doors the sides, that can be opened (or smashed in for that matter).

What I really like is the look of the entrances to the small path from the outside of this building. A nice place for a nice ambush or a daring opportunity for a pick pocket expert...

Enter at your own risk!!


Progress on the werewolves warband

First of all: Happy new year! May it be a year full of original paintwork, artful scenery and many a slaughterfest!

In this post some small progress on the werewolves war band for Chaos in Carpathia. The base was already finished and here are some more members of the band. First up is the doctor! He is done! This is the human form of one my werewolves. A mean looking, mysterious character it has turned out to be. I'm quite happy with him. He posed many a trouble with painting all the different shades of black.

Two additional women for my wolves are up now. Two victorian ladies with the weaponry to boot! Evil in the making I'd say. They look so lovely and sweet but are really the wolves in sheeps clothing.

As a special treat some progress on the dark elf sorceress on the cold one. She appeared in one of the previous posts here and wanted you to give a peek how she is turning out.