My first Ogre

It's been a while since I last posted about painting. I got a good deal on an Ogre army that a friend had lying catching dust. Parts sparsely painted and all undercoated, it was a great painting project.
Ogre painting has started! The first I got to the painting table was this tyrant. Much trial and error on painting loads of skin. My first oxidation on copper painted, in short a lot of firsts and a lot of new techniques to be learnt. I have now something of a paint scheme: Tibetan style ogres on ice they are my working title. The ice\snow bases are somewhat under test still, but they will get there.
Be prepared to see more Ogre posts on the blog. More important, be prepared for my first Ogre battle! I have 3500 points of Ogre goodness and the first painted Ogre skirmish army should be finished soon.

My opponents be warned, one of these days I field my Ogreeeeees!