Hobby time

The yearly event of making scenery took place just after christmas this year. We gathered to create new scenery pieces. As known from this blog we have sets of Hirst Arts Moulds that we pull out each year to create new buildings and ruins to play our games with. All hobbyists from all the corners of the Netherlands came out (actually Rick was the furthest away and the rest could come by bike, but still!). Crates full of plaster bricks and accessories were hauled in to build. MDF bases were at the ready and the day could start. Coffee was provided for and we actually used an agile process to get the architecture right. Not the first time right mind, but we got it in the end. Buildings sprouted aplenty and since we get better every year, the buildings become more complex and interesting. We produced a nice church, a nautical themed inn, another two more undetermined buildings but nonetheless very interesting. In the end fries were brought in to sustain any hunger so we could complete the building madness in the evening hours. To finish stuff off Zombicide was put to the table and the night ended with my house being taken over by zombies. What a great day it was. Now the painting of the buildings is on the way and I actually some finished parts as well, but that's for another post.


More Ogres!

After painting loads and loads of dwarfs and them being so tiny, I started with some Ogres. Just to be on the other side of the spectrum. Not only painting wise but also gaming wise they are a complete different army. Not less fun to paint however. The set of Ogres I got needed some painting to do, I can field approximately 4000 points of Ogre menace not including magical items but the amount of models involved equals by nearly 2000 points of dwarfs! Should the painting go that much faster was the first thing I asked myself and first impressions this was the case. Of course painting something new induces a new drive to paint and thus taking more time to paint, hence more output in painting! Still good, the ogre army expands rapidly and I got a couple of games already to play with them. I still have to develop a feel for how to play, but each game gave me some valuable learning points and rules I forgot about to play. Also this is an army with magic opposed to the dwarfs, also something new to consider and hell of a lot of fun. The ogres are fast, hard-hitting but can still be outmaneuvered. Magic is good, leadership is rubbish. Stuff to keep in mind :) On to the painting then, I started of with a tyrant just to get a feel for ogre models and to have something nice to paint. A set of leadbelchers followed and the Tibet style color scheme proved good and clean on the ogres (clean and ogres in one sentence?). Also in the set of Ogres I bought was the best model ever: the old scrap launcher. A big contraption pulled by a large beast. Loads of gnoblars everywhere on the model to give it the lively feel of chaos and mayhem. That was the next to paint. The wood was quickly done, however I kept touching up on the wood. It had to be more grainy, more red, more yellow, but in the end it got good enough. The wood was fairly quickly done and I got the idea that only painting some gnoblars was not that much of a work. It is when each individual needed to be picked out with its own set of colors and devices. There was also the amount of metal on the model. I wanted it to be a seemingly random mix of iron and copper with its corresponding corrosion. In the end not en easy task and took a while, but worth it. The cloth where the scrap launcher rests had to be some captured flag or something so I painted the imperial eagle on it that was also on one of the shields that is being loaded as scrap to be shot at the enemy, all in-keeping with the model. I myself am happy how it turned out, however I keep on seeing stuff that can be improved. I put it aside for now and I'm moving on to next models and ways to paint, since I got me a nice airbrush set and just started painting the skin of a...GIANT!


Hell cannon insurance

Rattling noises reflected against the cliffs of the small pass as the demonic cannon was pulled by panting Dragon Ogres. Three small creatures were running around the troublesome carriage commanding and cursing in an old strange language.
'These terrible high hats better make sure the cannon will be safely transported to the fortress. We payed a high enough price for this machine.' Nurgly mumbled by himself. The chaos wizard and his warrior revenue had made the long travel into the Dark Lands to obtain the Hell Cannon. Negotiating with the Dawi'zharr was hard, but gold, wyrdstone and above all a group of captured dwarfs was a price the Chaos Dwarfs could not resist. 'The imposing war machine would be an important resource in his masters army' Nurgly observed, 'but this one looks even more menacing and tempestuous.'

The chosen path took the small detachment through a cramped mountain pass. Nurgly sent a group of scouts ahead. They took off on their horses towards the left flank and some time later their horns could be heard in the distance, raising the alarm. After a small curse Nurgly organised the battle line. He could feel the presence of magic forces nearby, even of a kind of magister he had not encountered before. Stretching out in the palanquin, he scanned the pass. There were some arcane ruins halfway, but the forces he felt were stronger... With a small kick he commanded the Nurgling mounts forward. The warriors followed, leaving the Dragon Ogres to guard the precious cannon and it's crew.

On both flanks forests hid the enemy, but in the centre a group of Ogres was spotted, carrying what seems to be barrels on their shoulders. 'Curses, those dumb brutes.. I would have been happy to recruit them' went through the mind of the wizard 'let's hope they're few in numbers...' Behind him the chaos cannon roared and fired, spitting a foul projectile towards the ogres. The shot missed and the demon inside the machine screamed and grumbled. 'Hopefully those high hats will keep it under control!' Nurgly crackled.

The Ogre unit marched nearer and from the woods on the left flank two giant tiger like creatures emerged, threatening the marauder scouts. 'Move a little closer to those' came from the mouth of the wizard before he descended in deep concentration. Dark energies were folded up into a powerful spell, hitting one of the sabre tusk, killing it instantly. Moments later the scouts hurled a volley of axes towards the second beast, with the same effect. The Hell cannon added to this by hitting the lead belcher's. The ogres only took one wound, but the impact of the shot made them panic.

However the Ogres did not give in that easily. The lead belchers rallied and with a agile move occupied the center position again, bringing Nurgly and his group within shooting range. Even worse, from the forest on the right flank a massive group of Ogres broke out, being led by a huge Ogre. In this unit Nurgly spotted his adverary, a Butcher. 'Fire at them' Nurgly had jumped up and screamed in the direction of the Hell cannon crew. The chaos dwarf tried to turn the warmachine toward the Ogre unit. But then the demon bound inside the cannon jumped at the change. The spirited machine broke loose and devoured the three chaos dwarfs!

Things went downhill for the Nurgle worshippers. Nurgly and his revenue took two salvo's of cannon fire from the ogre cannon carriers. And how hard the chaos wizard tried, his magic powers could not overwhelm thite raw forces of the ogre magic. The winds of magic caused more victims amongst his bodyguard (despite that the Butcher was one time lucky to escape with just a wound left). Manoeuvring hard to keep his revenue out of charge range of the big block of Ogres, Nurgly saw the Hell cannon stampeding towards them! The ogres took their change/bait and charged the broken free demonic warmachine. A terrible clash broke out. The hell cannon was damaged by impact hits and the attacks of the butcher and his ogres. But somehow it survived, the demon was still bound to the carcass of the machine, howling and twisting. With a final move it puked out the remains of its venomous ordnance, killing the butcher!

The stubborn and murderous fight of the hell cannon turned out to be the pivoting point of the battle. Not only did the Ogres lose their general, their main unit was stuck too long in battle with the war machine and was outmanoeuvred by the unit of dragon ogres. These creatures charged into the rear of the big block of ogres and despite losing a dragon ogre in the fight, wounded enough ogres to break them. Simultaneously Nurgly and the remains of his unit chaos warriors charged like they were blessed by Khorne (rolling 11 on their distance roll where a 9 or 10 was needed). The lead belchers were overwhelmed and broken. In one and half turn the battle had turned completely, even the late arrival of a Gorger could not change the outcome...
Nurgly sighed as he walked around the remains of the hell cannon. A bubbling puddle of reeking mud indicated the place where the Ogre general had been submerged by the spit of the demon. Some nurglings were paddling in it and swarming over the twisted and bruised metal barrel and parts that once formed a mighty cannon. With a sudden kick Nurgly send one flying into the mouth of the barrel and a swallowing noise could be heard, followed by a hiss of steam. 'Let those prisoners take the barrel and as many parts as they can carry' the wizard ordered. The warriors and dragon ogres forced the group of captured ogres to comply. The small caravan took off, back towards the Dark Lands. 'Hopefully those pesky high hats will be able to repair the cannon' Nurgly thought 'perhaps I could claim that this should be within insurance regulations?'