The quick and the dead

Small update: Finished this little lady; Mary Fearless.
When I saw her rules: "you shoot her, she starts shooting back! Whomever has the most successes counts has having shot that turn." I knew I wanted to have her in my Ash & Oak list. She has 2 funds, so she can buy the protection of the Ogre bruiser. Again this miniature was a pleasure to paint, and it costs less time than I usually spend on my GW miniatures. It's the lack of cluttered details, I think. Or maybe I should paint something else than miniatures covered in boils, sores and skulls. :) Mary Fearless to me is a bit of a contradiction; a female gunslinger, but part of the aristocratic faction. I tried to show that in the coloring. I choose red, white and dark blue for the dress, hopefully that comes across as aristrocratic. The boots, coat and belt are done in browns, I thought that had a proper western feel to it. The studio model is a blond yet in the artwork she looks like Eva Mendes, so I made her a brunette. In the background are the D10 dice to be able to play IHMS.