Mordheim: Battle for the temple

It was Friday night Mordheim Night. 6 players were initially lined up to visit my place and play a hefty game of Mordheim. We’re playing once every 4-6 weeks now regularly for a couple of years. A couple of months ago we decided to pick up the Border Town Burning campaign again and have been playing it with loads of fun. A list of 6+ war bands entered the competition and more often than not the Mordheim nights are visited by these 6 players! We’ve split up game play so 2 or 3 player games were run simultaneously but also 6-player games have been seen on the gaming table with loads of fun.

Large multiplayer Mordheim game interaction
I think 6 player Mordheim (or 4+ player for that matter) Works really well because you can all set your own agenda and try and work towards it. Since everyone has its own agenda you tend to bother each other less than in a 2 player game. In a 2 player you of course have your own agenda but it becomes clear quickly what your opponent is going to do.  Therefore it is easy not only to work towards your own agenda but is also easy to work against your opponents goal. Always fun to block plans and wreak havoc  at the same time to see your opponents frustration grow.
With more than 4 players it is more difficult to spot all other goals and even more difficult to work against all these goals. You cannot split up that much with your war band. In large multi player battles you see that opponents quit quickly find each other and multiple battles within the large battle occur. All in all a large multi player field is not much different than separate parallel game sessions.

The battle report
Ah well, enough for introduction ranting, on with the battle report of the Battle for the temple. We ended up with 5 war bands playing since one fell asleep at home! J

We decided to line up the table with the temple at one end and the starting position of the war bands all at the long end of the table lined up next to each other. A sort of sprint starting line! All war bands lifted their ladders, ready for the starting queue and started running! A set of hedges and bushes were in the way (dangerous terrain test!) and then it should be climbing up the temple as fast as possible. For each war band this should be the basic plan and with 3 ladders in each unit movement was somewhat challenging. All kinds of different movement rates made the distribution of ladders a science in itself! Does the big Ogre get to carry the big ladder or should 2 dwarfs carry it since their movement was reduced to begin with.  Maybe just average your movement out and have the fast moving models as bodyguards around it? Maybe use the Ogre bodyguard actually as a bodyguard or would that be silly?
All kinds of tactics could be followed here, in the end you need your ladders to get up to the 3rd level of the pyramid and claim the prize, if no war band routs in the mean time of course! So there we have it, a starting line with war bands, a temple at the far end, a bunch of ladders and some difficult terrain in the middle
For me the tactic was to let my Ogre bodyguard not act as one and let him run with the big ladder towards the temple. He should outrun pretty much everyone, except for the other Ogre war band of course. The rest of my war band (Marienburg mercenaries) were there only to wreak havoc amongst the other war bands in order to delay everyone in getting to the temple.
I started shooting at the nearest target being some Nurgle dudes. My marksman shot at point blank range right through one of these fellows killing him instantly. The slayer in my war band was not to be restrained and charged the nearest group of undead. He was in such a rage! Swinging his axe around it inspired the dwarf treasure hunter to  get into close combat as well as the rest of the war band to get into combat with one of the nearest enemies.

Other war band tactics
The other war bands (undead, Carnival of chaos (Nurgle), Ogres, Witch hunters and Marienburg mercenaries to be complete) were starting to run (or limp or crawl or lurch) towards the temple as well. Some small skirmishes broke out here and there. The Ogres were running towards the temple just as my bodyguard did. They were running along the other table edge out of reach of my Ogre. I got over the hedges with no problems but the other Ogres turned out to be more engaged with ladders and each other instead of jumping the hedge.
The Carnival of chaos started to take revenge for killing their fellow war band member and with a nice aimed barf attack my marksman went down and out. I started fighting amongst the undead some more, taking down more and more of those rattling bones. The ogre bodyguard reached the temple and was making up his mind for climbing the first level. At the same time at the other end of the pyramid the other ogres reached the base as well. The other war bands were still struggling to get their ladders in one piece forward and more undead fell down.

View from the Carnival of Chaos (Sacha)
Scenario 62 – Ladder chase
Since we were with 5 players and there was no way to divide the rectangular table in equal parts with the temple in the middle. So we decided to start from one table end and race to the other side of the table where the three story temple and treasure was.
One other change we made to the rules was that you could still run if an opponent was within 8”, it was a chase after all. That and we had to deploy within 2” to 4” of each other.
We started out from 30” and rolled for the starting positions. I rolled a 3 which landed me dead smack in the middle. Flacked on one side by Arjan’s Undead and further away Ludo’s Ogres, and on the other side Tom’s mercenary crew and on the far side Ruud’s witch hunters of chaos.
My ladder teams looked like this: Two tainted ones with the sprint skill with the biggest ladder up front. Two plaguebearers and two Brutes with the small ladders behind them.
Nurglings on the flanks to run interference and my movement 3 carnival master at the back as support.  
I badly wanted to win a scenario for once, so my whole focus was on getting to the temple as fast as possible. That strategy got shot immediately when Tom won first turn and killed one of my big ladder carrying tainted ones with a point blank range head shot.
In my turn my other tainted one exacted revenge by killing Tom’s engineer with a vomit attack in the face.
From that point on my strategy consisted of running to the temple and catching whomever would arrive there to try and steal their large ladder. Most likely candidate were Ludo’s ogres, so my nurglings chased after them.  My brutes, plaguebearers and single tainted one raced to the front of the temple.
However by the time the nurglings were delaying Ludo’s support ogres and the bulk of my force were trying to climb over the hedge the game ended.
I ended up with a single experience point for killing the engineer during the game. My surviving heroes got an experience point, 1 campaign point for participating and 3 wyrdstone shards.
In hindsight it would have been better to adopt Tom’s strategy of going for experience points by killing then trying to win a single treasure. I guess that shows my newness to the game.

The end of the battle
At this time the undead war band took so much casualties, they routed the battlefield finishing the game. So actually nothing happened, no one reached the top to claim the chaos artefact, not too much casualties (aside from the undead), almost everyone survived in the end. Safe to say that my ogre bodyguard won the ladder handicap sprint for the temple but other than that it was lots of experience war all. The battle was fun however. Tactics were formed and a tactic of running towards the end goal was definitely something new in all the battles we played.

An evening of miniature nerding
The battle time was not too long especially when looking at 5 player multi Mordheim. On the other hand this Mordheim game night was ideal for discussing miniatures, painting, war games and whatnot. Everyone was discussing newly acquired games and mini’s, painting and scenery building techniques. It was maybe more of a miniature nerd evening with a beer on the side that game evening itself. And that is a good thing in my opinion, it is the one time your amongst fellow enthusiasts and you get to share stuff and as a bonus everyone understands what you’re talking about J