Mordheim: The Gauntlet

Last sunday, the weather was hot and the game was ablazin'. What a way to start a post on the latest Mordheim game. The four of us were tricked into The Gaunlet scenario by Arjan. It looked fun up front with all the tiles in the table and the fact that we were running through corridors. Especially my gobbo's were thrilled at first to enter the maze (the squigs were almost not to be held). How did it all go then. The following is a summary of our game.
It started out all difficult with the goblin bos being a sneaky git. He could move D3 gang members on the board before anyone started. The boss himself went first on his giant squig...triggerd the first trap...gore and dead bodies dropped from the ceiling...and...the gobbo got so scared that turned on the spot and bolted back towards the entrance. He fleed directly of the board (which is quite smart considering the fact he jumped 11 inch on the board!). The orcs from Hans were lucky enough to really start the game. His orcs entered the battlefield with a lot of rummaging and directly tripped 4 traps! Bolts were flying, gore dropped from the ceiling, snares sprung nets but still they survived. A good start to explore the first inches of the dungeon.

The Nurgles are next up to enter the dungeon. The nurgles slithered on the board and ... triggered a trap (of course) ... and one of the chaos worshippers opened a pit ... dragging a total of 5 gang members into the hole! Let's see if they get out in the next turns.

The gobbo's turn where all gobbo's may enter the dungeon. They squabeled a bit on the board and because of some animosity among them Daft Wullie went into a frenzie and attacked one of his mates: Wee Bobby. In his run into Wee Bobby, he skewered him directly out of action. Also the gobbo's triggered a new terror trap but this time held their nerves.

Now it's the halflings turn. Ludo decided to leave the biggest part of his gang home. They were probably too scared to even come in the vicinity of the dungeon. Only the sergeant and a couple of halflings entered the dungeon. They are best in being stealthy enough in the dungeon and not triggering the traps! Still the halflings ran onto the field and triggered 2 traps.

2nd round started with the orcs and the nurglings triggering very little traps. The Nurgles had to climb out of the pit of course. The gobbo's sent a squig towards the halflings, but (as in other games also encountered) the halfling proved very sturdy and even though the halfling was netted by a previous trap it won the combat! One of the other gobbo's made a run for the treasure put triggered a terror trap and ran directly back again. The gobbo's were not lucky and didn't held their nerves against all this gore dropping from the ceiling.
With a relative easy round we enter the 3rd round. The Orcs were ready to move and they all did. By some miracle only one triggered a trap and ended up in a cage, which he smashed directly.
The Nurgles were recovering from the big pit and on their way towards the centre of the dungeon triggered some more traps. One of the Nurgles got caught up in a snare and another one didn't make it out of the pit yet. The plague bearer triggered a terror trap but since he was more terrifying himself there was no real issue there. A Nurgle gang member got into a fight with one of the savage orcs and exchanged some blows.
The gobbo's are up again for some action. Their leader gone meant that the other bosses were eager to show their leadership skills. They urged all gobbo's on towards the centre of the dungeon. The fanatics were in range of the enemy and were released into the ante chamber. One of the fanatics triggered a trap that sent a ball flying towards him, but since he himself is an expert in swinging a metal ball he dodged it easily. The running gobbo's triggered all traps that sent 3 cages flying down trapping 3 goblins.
The halfings turn is a bit silent. One of the pitted halfings failed to get out of the pit and the netted halfling cannot be bitten through by the squig.
We come to turn 4 where 8 savage orcs start moving and they do this so carefully (ORCS?) that no traps are triggered. The orcs are now in the treasure chamber as well and see the squigs running around. They start slinging rocks at them but 4 slingers mis all the squigs and bounce of them. In some hand to hand combat a Nurgling gets squashed.
The Nurgles are go! One gang member gets out of a pit and one still remains in his pit (he must be practicing his biceps?). The Nurgles are also in the treasure room and face green lines left and right (the savage orcs to the right and the night goblins to the left). The plague bearer gets sent towards the treasure and an abys opens that he narrowly escapes.
Within the gobbo's it is mostly cages that are battled against. They can't get out of them by the way. The 2 fanatics don't inflict wounds on the nurgle leader but also survive getting clobbered themselves. The plague bearer is still alive and even manages to kill a squig. The squigs get a hard beating this battle.
The halflings again start to shoot like madmen but the quig they target survives.

Turn 5 starts and the orcs poke each other to charge a squig. One of them can't bear the shame and heads for it and indeed kills the last squig. All gangs circle each other now in the central room and no one goes for the treasure. A lot of hand to hand combat starts among the orcs nurgles and goblins. The halflings keep their distance to survive the fray. The gobbo's get decimated and the nurgle boss gives his enemies a good pounding. One of the savage orcs is brave enough to pick up the treasure and even manages to hold on for 2 turns. The halflings only briefly sneak a peak in the treasure room and the game ends.

The orcs found some gold coins and a suite of light armour after all this carnage. What a scenario, what damage. One pro is that surviving a trap gives experience. That can end up quite good if you survive.


  1. Us of the feather brigade had foreseen this trouble. We send in our smallest and most agile warriors, who proved to be sturdy once more.

    A good day for the brigade, we even captured and sold a greenskin!

    The next time I will bring the entire warband with me.

  2. Great report of one of our most eventful clashes to date!

    On the down side the losses were massive, I had to buy back a captured hero for 40gc (to his shame he was captured by a puny Halfling, the rest of the gang are still making fun of him) and the ‘treasure’ turned out to be only a measly 17gc + a suit of light armour.

    But o the up side my guys gained a lot of rep resulting in several upgrades and when exploring the dungeon after the battle they didn’t just find some wyrdstone but also met an old acquaintance. It was Mithras, a warlock who still owed da ‘Ooliganz a favor (he was set free by their boss Thrall when attacked by robbers) and agreed to return it in the next battle. So da ‘Ooliganz will have extra magixx next time around!

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  4. Great report and a great battle! Despite the fact that my warband had to say goodbye to a plaguebearer and a long serving brethen, I really enjoyed the bizarre scenario ;-)

    Here's a picture showing the preparations of the battle... Just to check if I can add pix in comments ;-)