WIP dwarfs

While we're at posting work in progress, also some new dwarfs for the slayer warband get a painting. These two dwarfs are the followers of the slayers. They tag along the heroic slayers in search for glory and gold, gold..... and gold of course!

These dwarfs are actually quite far and since they have a lot of metal plating, the painting was relatively easy. Although the big runelord dwarf that I use for this warband has tons of runes on his armour, that is a pain to paint. With my new set of foundation paints a lot of extra colours are available which saves me a lot of mixing! This works actually a lot quicker then before. A big huray for the foundation paint set!

This second dwarf is actually a very old marauder model, but I think gives a lot of character to the slayer warband. This model definitely looks as a beardling tagging along for fame and glory but actually a bit too young for this kind of work!

WIP Graveyard

Finally some new posts, it's been a while. Busy painting that is! So much painting that posting was bit on the slow side. What is going on: a graveyard is born :) First work in progress pic of the graveyard is here:

This is actually a test graveyard, before the BIG graveyard will be made. The nice citadel scenery tree is giving that extra gnarly look to the graveyard and the hirst arts walls are precisely the stone walls you see at the edge of a graveyard, at least that is how I see it. Some more painting on the earth and adding some green moss and grass, and this piece is done!


Prison Tower

And finally the prison tower got a slab of paint. Painting the stone is easy and gives it directly a great and finished look. A plann to give the buildings a more weathered and run down look, but for now this tower is good for playing.
Look at them dwarfs posing around the tower, true dwarven craftmanship of course! :)


Christmas Modelling day

Then there was christmas, a time where some of us were actually free and not working! The ultimate chance for a modelling day and maybe a game to conclude! A good turnout where the 4 of us were actively building and painting during the day.

I built the prison tower and Arjan was busy with his two towers project, painting that is! One is already looking great and is finished, this one is also getting a nice piece of paint and the next game I expect two nicely painted towers are there (with all these other towers it is becoming a real San Giminiano). Hans was really busy with his ruined tower, that is now a great and big piece for our games of Mordheim. The ruined tower right away got some play time the same evening with skaven running around through it!
Van A tale of some gamers
Arjen also joined the building and played around with the hirts arts building blocks. He is hooked right away and the new molds that came in will give him the opportunity to start building as well! We're looking forward to new elven structures and the like!
Look at this gaming table! A lot of buildings present and still more to come:

A gaming report still has to follow but look at everyone pondering their strategy during the game! A very good end to the Christmas modelling and gaming Mordheim day!