A hoof's tale

It was a rainy fridaynight. Mordheim was at it's best, gloomy and dark. A bit cloudy, but mostly just a sad sight for the eyes. Along one of the many streets the Noble Quest, lead mainly by Alysa the runaway princess, was looking for trails that could lead to her abducted and beloved father. It had been over a month now since the old man was taken before her eyes. Chaos at work, no doubt.
"I thinkz we lost", uttered Grom the Barbarian. "You're always lost, or hopeless" Selena the Wizard responded. "Hush ... be silent", Mortifax the Dwarf said with a low, almost hesitating voice. "We might not be all alone after all....". The group stood still for a moment, agreeing that it all of a sudden had become awfully quiet,even for a city as empty as mordheim. "I'll take lead from here", selena said. "It would be wise to split into 2 groups, this way be can easily look for tracks of your father Alysa". Grom, Mortifax and Alysa took Victor and Olaf, the newly acquired "cannon fodder" to the right wing, while selena and Gabriella the Elf decided to bring along their "cannon fodder" by the names of Eric and Lars to the left wing. In the center a huge ancient ruin was found. Obviously the remains of some incredible tower, in a long lost past.

All of a sudden Gabriella overheard something. Her sharp and well trained ears heard a lot of noise, coming from 2 directions. It was the sound of hoofs! Very strange, as horses are rarely seen in the desolated city of Mordheim. In the dense fog, at the other end of the streets, a pack of beastmen appeared! How unlucky, the Noble quest was tired and hardly prepared for these evil and vile creatures of chaos! "What do we do now?" Selena replied, somewhat frigthened by the monstrous appearance of the half horse/ half goat-men Centigor, accompanied by the half goat creatures with their red eyes and big weapons. "Fly up to the tower and see how many there are", Gabriella replied. "Quickly"!

The beastmen, who had spotted the adventurers as well, decided to split into 2 groups too, ready to take down these wandering spirits and make sure they serve as a nice meal for the chaos gods. Poofhoof the Shaman took a couple of hounds and sturdy warriors and headed off to seek and destroy Grom and fighters, while the general and centigor, accompanied by 2 hounds as well, decided to go for the elf and wizard. While Selena had cast her flying spell to gain high ground up in the tower, Gabriella started here volley of arrows on the hounds and hoofed creatures. Somehow though, none of the arrows made it through the scaly skin of these beastlike creatures! If even elven arrows could not pierce them, what on earth might kill them? Very quickly the elf found herself and her 2 companions charged by the very speedy dogs of chaos and their furious alcohol-fueled centigor. While eric fought of the hound, Lars was soon on the ground, having one of the hounds biting away on his mace and dagger. Meanwhile the centigor took a mighty swing, but his mace got stuck in the ground. Gabriella hesitated not a moment and struck the centigor on the legs, rendering it disabled for a long time. With a mighty roar the centigor went down. Angry by this foul move, the beast general made a mighty leap towards the elf, hitting her with his mace, knocking her back a few feet straight into the wall. Gabriella was instantly knock unconcious and removed from battle. Selena attempted to kill some of the beasts from up in the tower, but was disturbed when one of the beasts crashed in the door and headed upstairs! Knowing she would never win a close combat against such a skilled warrior she quickly casted the flight of zimmerman. With only seconds left to live, she managed to fly away to safer ground, only to hear an angry roar behind here.

Meanwhile, at the other flank of the streets, grom and fighter horde ran into poofhoof and his retinue. The warriors did not hesitate for a moment and decided to charge the hounds. One of the hounds had a strange amount of muscle-power, unlike any other hound Grom had ever seen. It was clearly under a spell of some sort. Grom took a huge swing with his double-handed sword but missed! Somehow the hound was not only very muscular but also swift as shadow. With big leap and bite, it took down grom in one attempt. At the same time Alysa got into battle with the other hound, while Olaf and victor were shooting the other hoofedbeasts from a distance. Seconds later, poofhoof was storming towards alysa, furiously swinging his staff at her. Poofhoof managed to hit Alysa directly on her left arm, knocking her several feet away, breaking her arm no doubt. It was at this time, while grom was crumbling back at his feet, that the Noble quest decided to flee the battle. These foul creatures were no doubt much too strong for them, so it was best to just run. Luckily, the beasts had found what they wanted and decided to let the adventurers leave. This way, the could kill them on the next encounter.

- Victory: Beastmen
- Casualties:
- Adventurers: Alysa misses next game, Gabriella and Alysa down, as well as 2 cannon fodder.
- Beastmen : Centigor misses next game, only the centigor went down.

Pictures will follow!


This is not a battle report...

Disclaimer: This is a story based on our last battle, as experienced by the brilliant victor (that would be me). Any relation to the real battle events, miniatures or players involved is purely accidental.

The vampire looked around as he pushed a zombie into the right direction. His warband was moving forward at low speed; towering high above them an enemy wizard could be seen, forcing the undead to move from cover to cover (at zombie speed). Looking around the vampire checked the location of the necromancer and the so ambitious ghoul, making sure no stakes were heading for his non beating heart. In the few battles they had fought since arriving in Mordheim, the vampire had become very close to his second death, only to be saved by his warband or sheer luck. Since then his leadership had not been discussed, but he could sense the doubts and thoughts of those with more or their minds as 'where to get the next portion of hopefully fresh flesh and blood'. He had to be careful.. And he had to have his revenge on those pesky dwarfs...
They had found the dwarven warband again. It had not been difficult; the dwarves were not the stealthiest types. Obviously they had found something very worthwhile, for they had been sticking at one location for several days now. And they had been digging, digging deep. The vampire could remember these noises from a former life, long ago, before his transition, in a time when he was just a mere mortal man. So not only was it time for revenge, it would probably be worthwhile in other ways too...
But not only had they found the dwarves. The dwarves were becoming careless, probably in their minds they were already enjoying the spoils of this adventure, and even in this remote area of Mordheim this resulted in attracting the curiosity of others, even as exotic as beastmen. The vampire could hear them, almost as loud as the dwarves, also heading for this tempting prey. And there were humans.. The smell of his favorite blood supply filled his nose (too bad there were only men, but men nonetheless).

Despite their joyful mood the dwarves were veterans of Mordheim, most of them being Slayers. They were aware that they would have to fight their way out; after all, this was Mordheim. With little problem they found the only safe route was heading north, apparently no opponents were waiting for them there.
The beastmen were fresh in Mordheim. Traveling around through the woods of the Empire, their shaman had felt magical powerful artifacts being exposed and received dark directions from the Chaos gods. Heading through the woods they had found the great dark plane were the ruins of Mordheim lay, in the darkness of night they had made it into the remains of this city. And now the hunt was on!
The Centigor, who had found a supply of old wine bottles in the ruins, could not be restrained by the warbands leader and charged at the first sight of a dwarf, followed by the group of chaos hounds. The rest of the beastmen charged after them, letting the bloodlust prevail above tactical considerations. The dwarves stood their ground, slayers grinning at the sight of the charging enemies. To them this was even better than the treasures found...

From the opposing west side (just having met a girl named Maria) a group of adventurers stealthy entered the scene. They split up: A group of inexperience henchmen lead by an elven hero took positions to fire at the fighting dwarfs and beastmen. Covered by their fire, the barbarian and the dwarf approached the battle, looking for the carriers of the treasures. The wizard used his spell of flight to find a safe spot to fire at the combatants, delaying the undead in their approach.
The battle between the dwarfs and the beastmen continued; almost unhindered by the shooting of the adventurers warband. Despite heavy losses on both sides, they kept on fighting, even when the leaders of both warband were taken out of action. Wyrdstones fell to the ground, were picked up fast by greedy hands and fell again when the next keeper was knocked down. Not even the charge of the adventurers, pitting dwarf against dwarf, made the beastmen or dwarfs reconsider and flee. The temptation of these treasures was too big to leave the battle without!

This was his moment, the vampire thought by himself, commanding two ghouls to climb towards the lone wizard on top of the ruin. Then he pushed a zombie and a ghoul forward, together charging a single slayer who just had beheaded a beastman. More zombies and ghouls followed, while the other half of the warband led by the dregs made their way through the rubbles towards the adventurers. The first dwarf and beastmen were overwhelmed by sheer numbers, but then things went horribly wrong...
The two ghouls managed to climb the ruin, threatening the adventurers’ wizard. This wizard however, turned to be a Gandalf-in-disguise/training! The first ghoul was taken out of action by a precise sling shot, the second ghoul was promptly taken out of action after charging in.

To make things even worse (from the undead perspective, that is) the vampire charged a slayer hero, only to be slammed to the ground himself...
The slayer hero then took up his axe to finish off the vampire, ignoring all undead ready to charge in, and failed horribly (Tom's dice roll resulted in a triple 1). Ghouls charged in and the slayer went down, allowing the vampire to recover and rejoin the fight.

By now, the fight was turning to the undead side. The last beastman had been taken out, just a few dwarfs remaining and the adventurers were under attack of the dregs and ghouls. The last dwarf, an engineer, was trying to make a run with six shards of wyrdstone, but was caught by a group of ghouls and zombies. On the other side of the battle field the dregs had made short work of dwarven adventurer and the noble. The vampire had regained his wits and fighting skills (finally!), charging and taking out of action the group of henchmen in collaboration with some ghouls.

After finishing the engineer, this small club of undead left the battle scene, securing the treasures. Seeing nothing was to be won, the adventurers retreated towards their home base. The undead let them go, having won the treasures and a battlefield filled with victims to feast on...