And so it comes to be alive....

After the last massacre with the dark elves I decide to go back to the roots once more. Skipping the pirates, adventurers and other sort of elves, I went straight for the dead. No tomb kings/guardians for me. No lich lords and creepy scorpions, but plain old dead. A vampire, necromancer, zombies, ghouls and dregs!

As I gave my last mordheim-vampire away to Arjan,Ihad to find an alternative. Somehow I stumbled upon a charging banshee, and so an idea was born.

I took out my green stuff and started cutting and modelling away. This banshee was flat-handed, so could not hold any weapons at all. Time to model some thumbs! That wasn't easy at all, but somehow I do like the end-result. I also gave her a nose and filled some holes in the skin (that sounds dirtier than it actually was ...). Result:

More pictures will of course follow soon.


  1. Wow! I'm glad you and I won't fight each other for the next battle.. I have very bad memories concerning your banshees and my imperial knights...

  2. Banshees will be interesting for my dwarfs! Shaping up to be a cool warband!

  3. Thumbs up for the sculpted thumb! >.<

    Even though the picture is a bit unclear the thumb looks good!

  4. Thnx for the comments guys.

    Now just to check if I can get a layer (or 2) of paint on these dead folks before our next session!