All along the watchtower

Finally (and just in time for todays battle) the watchtower is completed!

Built in 'nerd bricks'it is assembled out of blocks cast out of Hirst Arts molds. Most blocks are from molds 50 and 61, with the floors coming out of mold 281. Additional add ons are stair parts of mold 60 (Thanks Tom!) and several items of mold 282.

The watchtower consists of three separte parts, to accommodate entering and moving inside the tower (at ground level) and transport.

More pictures (courtesy of Anke Bot fotografie ;-) can be found here.


  1. The castle is great! I've already seen it in real life and it looks the part! Great to see it fielded tonight. It's probaby even greater to see it on the field within all other surroundings and buildings and being played in! This will make cool pics!

  2. Amazing stuff! Turns out real nice. Like the way it can be taken apart, which adds to our "indoor" gaming experience.

    Keep this up!