new slayer here

A small update on the painting front. I've been mostly busy with digging in the garden the last couple of weeks. I'm also growing a small beard and not that big so I get more and more comments of me becoming closer to dwarfmanship! In so far I'm not digging with a pick axe so I think I'm far from it, but denial is one of the first stages maybe?
Anyway, in the sparse time in between there have been moments I could pick up my paint brush and there was this slayer mini from avatars of war that screamed for being painted.
There is also a great tutorial on bugmans on how to paint a dwarf slayer with this model as an example. I studied the howto and got to work.

A good slayer with agressive looking eyes but he still ahd to maintain a sort of comic look about him what I like in mini's they shouldn/t become to serious in my opinion. I think that is why gobbo's as well as dwarfs appeal to me opposed to the empire or elves.

Aside I'm also working on a good looking thunderer for my dwarf treasurehunter warband. He's getting a leather armour apron garment thingie and coming along nicely:

And you always have to look out for loose laying TNT packages while painting:

Small overview of a part of the painting area with some other works in progress.


  1. Very well done! I like the progress made. Good to grow a beard, kind of makes you look like a real dwarf there :)

    I like the thunderer in particular. What colors did you use on the leather thingie?

  2. Leather coat: black undercoat, scorched brown layering up to snakebite leather and then to a yellow color with a finish of a devlan mud was over it all.

  3. Hey, where's that pony going?
    Good stuff! Reminds me of finding another pony for you!

  4. Heh, I've been working on some scenery/objective stuff as well, mainly the big barrel you gave me, Tom.

    Mark has been working on his Dwarves a lot too, my undead are getting clobbered by him at this time (still rolling too many 1s in the magic phase).

    I'm in need of some new stuff to use in some of our AD&D sessions too. ;)

  5. You'll have to browse through my plaster accesoires box then in a couple of weeks!

    I'm still interested in joining one of your model/paint sessions at your place when there is one.

    Keep me posted and see you de 21th!

  6. Oh and Arjan: the more pony's the merrier of course! :)