Showcasing some new finished dwarfs

Just a quick update on some finished dwarfs. I've been quite busy painting different dwarfs that will serve as backup for the ever expanding Dwarf treasurehunter warband I'm playing for our Border Town Burning campaign. The further idea is to keep on painting the dwarfs in order to build up a small army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Especially now the 8th edition is coming out. In the meantime I'm reading and learning the new rules I am painting them dwarfs and hopefully I can field a nice Dwarf army in due time.
First up here a dwarf ironbreaker. I got this box quite cheap and this is the first one painted. They paint pretty quick since it is a lot of metal they carry! :)

Next up dwarf slayer you have already seen on this blog but I got this nice skeleton sign that is really Mordheimy and I had to paint it. It has a little base of his own so can be put anywhere in our city of Mordheim.

I don't know if I put the finished engineer with the brace of pistols already here, but it's a nice picture of him so he may join this blog post for now.

Finally a new beardling I painted. As on of the other beardlings he has the "Bugmans" shield and the green clothing. In total there are three of them and I think they fit in together quite nicely now. These old mini's also have some sort of comic look I like, big noce, nice stature and it's a dwarf with a sword you don't see often.

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  1. Lovely set of dwarfs (again :-) !!

    Inspires me to restart my warband (and army) painting (Thank God my castle is finished, so it's time for some 'small stuff)...