Arena part 2

A quick update on the arena front. One arena half has been built and now it's been painted as well. Details need to be added as some moss and dirt and such, but the basics are done. This part can already be used in a game of Mordheim. Of course for squig hopper racing this arena needs to be built further and details need to be added. Barrels are being painted, maybe add a discarded food cart for selling rats on a stick? Who knows what will be added. For now the second stage of the arena:


  1. Looks even better in color!

    Perhaps you could add a lap counter, some remaining parts of crashed chariots and hoppers?

    Gentlemen, start your hopper!

  2. A Goblin/Snotling with a chequered flag should not be missing from this particular part of scenery ;)
    And a couple of mutilated skeletons would work well too I guess.

  3. That's a very nice piece. I look forward to the details to come.. :)

  4. Woah! Well done there :)

    Guess I'll check it on the 15th then. Looking good so far!