Dwarf miners regiment

Yes, it has been done. 10 Dwarf miners are painted and ready to fight. Slowly but surely my WHFB Dwarf army takes shape. Inexorably slowly that is, but it is happening. Well what is there to say about this lot.

It's a bunch of miners, they are looking nice and grubby with their candles. Painting was some work because of all the fine bolts and details that had to be painted gold.

I'm very curious how they will play in a game. The steam drill and maybe some tnt sticks will make them a force to be reckoned with. Maybe they will help us to digg us out of the huge amounts of snow that is falling the last couple of days :) Good weather to stay inside and some painting and other modelling jobs.


  1. They look great. I think you have a great contrast with the shades, and the bases are really nice and chunky.

  2. Looks very nice, Tom! How many units can you field now? These, the slayers and some characters?

  3. Correct Hans, that's the units for now. I'm working hard on the dwarf warriors. Also a group of hammerers will be ready soon.

  4. Great miners! The basic silver combines well with the brown beards and the bases as well. Love the details once again, especially on the candles and such.


  5. There's an obvious joke about miners/minors in there somewhere.....

    Seriously though, they look good Tom. If you're ever up for an older-then-current edition WHFB Battle against the undead, let me know.