A productive day

It was the day in december. The air was cold outside. A perfect day for...painting and scenery building! The last week I was casting a lot of bricks with our hirst arts molds. Starting the day it was sorting out the pile of bricks.

The table was set up for scenery building, bricks and everything were flying around and creative was flowing freely. The result is some 2 buildings and the arena tiles have now 4 more parts. Only an other half of the arena needs building and it is done. Even painting the stuff we were able to do before the end of the day. Here some snapshots on the setting of the day. The buildings and more details will follow when all painting has been done.


  1. And it was fun! We got to build 2 simple street-parts, finishing a previous building, making four (!!!) arena parts and another big crushed mansion.

  2. Where's the next update, so I can show off my Hirst Arts construction skills from the last 'productive day' ;)