Squig hopper racing rules

I've been busy with the arena for a while. This to do some chariot racing but also squig hopper racing! I've been busy with some rules as well and now is the time to publish the first version of this all. The rules are in Dutch and English. The rules speak of action cards. The cards are already there but you will have to wait for them. I am making them as nice as the rules are now. A quick preview of the arena I built is here. Pics are taken with my iPhone so no high res images as with the rest of the posts, but you get the general idea.

Squig hopper racing English
Squig hopper racing Dutch


Another productive day

It's that time of year again, days off, holidays and whatnot. In no time these days fly by and what did you do? We decided to fill at least one of those days with again some scenery building. More Hirst Arts bricks were cast and the table was set for a day enjoying the hobby!

Arjan and Mr. Flibble turned up for this hobby day and we dove in. Lots of creativity was flying around and the concentration and dedication to work was of a high level straigh away!

Lot's of designs were tried and tested before glueing the stuff together. Here a wizards tower is taking shape bfore our eyes. I believe the current status is that it is painted and all ready to go on the battleground. Good stuff!

My own goal was getting the field plates for my arena painted and painting some roads for our city. Buildings we have but some more roads will add to the playability of the scenery.

I also started with building a sort of balcony tower like structure for the arena and built a small shrine. Also started on a long street as well in the days after this one. These are all the works in progress and will see their finished pictures here very soon!