More slayers and miners in progress

After a couple of weeks having a good flow of painting and posting on the blog weekly, I skipped last week. Of course there was miniaturemonday last monday, but no related post. Was painting a little less as well last week therefore no real progress but now the finished product in detail. It is always good to have more slayers so here are another 2 of the guys.

We have greybrow greenpants to the left and his mate to the right. Been painting with more highlights now, so the texture becomes more explicit. Hairs and skin becomes more crisp, more comic-y.

And the miners are in progress. Been painting these old miniatures and they are fun. They have comic all over them, big nose, big head and big hands! I have 9 of the guys so my 10 miners regiment will be expanded to 19 in a while!

What you see in the middle is my miners unit filler. A great way to expand regiments quickly and give character to your army at the same time.


WIP iso the finished product

Well well well, it's been a week. I've been posting a lot of finished products lately. Just a matter of a flow in painting them mini's. Eventually you end up with a lot of WIP's again because the rest is all finished. This is now the case. And in keeping with the weekly posting on this blog I'm bringing you all up to scratch.

First up is 2 dwarf slayers. Started with the black undercoat and skin. Skin is pretty much done, but I'm not really happy with it. Tried some stuff with my own washes (very thinned down paints). The end result is not really what I had in mind, but I'm continuing anyway with the hair for now. Maybe the finished product will look better. On the other hand it's just painting more slayers in order to get a decent size group on the battle field. Here I don't need prize winning mini's although I strive to of course.

Ahhh, the miners. Old school metal ones that is. They are great. Got me 3 sets of 3 miners to let the set of 10 grow bigger for my dwarf army. These guys have the big comic heads and large noses with the oversize candle on their helmet. These will be cool! Just base coat black and first dry brush of metal.

Hey this is no dwarf! Sneaked right into this post. Just to keep you up to date: dark elf assassin primed and ready for more paint. THinking about a color scheme here. Probably blues as the sorceress or greens in keeping with the magical theme. COme to think of it, I might do red here since it is an assassin!

Unit filler! First real unit filler I'm making. I have lots of small sets of goodies painted on small bases but this one is with mining theme in mind. It can count for 4 miners. Good stuff these miners plastic sprues have truckloads of extra mining goodies. My metal miners will also get an extra lantern, spring charge or whatnot on their base!

COLD ONE! watch it there! :) Can't resist, painting cold ones. THis one is getting a dark elf knight with the small dragon on its shoulder. The model is so cool! I haven't decided what arm to give him yet. If you have any idea's they are welcome!

Finally the last update is about the dwarf warriors. Primed them a while ago when they were put together. These guys are really slow going. 16 guys is a mountain to paint :) They provide the best distraction in between painting all other projects. I got 6 dwarf warriors the first metal highlight (10 more to go). Still when metal and skin is done, all is left is some small strips of cloth and brass and gold details. Should be easy going from there on.