Eminem of my eminem

Last friday we played a 2 vs 2 battle, the third round in our Border Town Border campaign (which keeps on creeping like a ancient turtle on the Galapagos). We chose the 'enemy of my enemy' scenario that after some beers soon was called the 'eminem' scenario. Sides were chosen according to alliances, with a 'good side' (Ogres and Marienburger) and an evil (or even better) side (Beastmen and Possesed).

The battle turned out rather one sided, caused by some brilliant tactical manoeuvres from my side: First I rolled fully intentionally and controlled a 'blizzard' result on the BtB weather table (chagne of 1 in 12, can't go wrong) nullifying the shooting weaponry of the Marienburger warband. Secondly I moved my warband away from Tom's on rushing warriors and marched toward the other flank, creating a supremacy of Chaos on that side. (Brilliant, despite some people interpreting this as 'cowering Nurglies').

By the time my warband arrived on the left flank, Hans' beastmen had already caused mayhem and victims within Ludo's Ogre warband. My excellent warrior Scorpio managed to add some more damage to the Ogres by spilling some black blood on his opponent (after having missed all his attacks, once again, brilliant tactics). Seeing that my commitment was not longer needed on that flank, I commanded my warband to turn against the Marienburger. This warband was a bit stretched out because of the diversity in race and tempo of their warriors. A marksman presented a tempting offer, manageable even for the elite forces of Nurgle. Off course, brilliant tactics once again payed off as the charges were intercepted by a big mercenary Ogre.

However after a few rounds of fighting, the Marienburger warband got surrounded and walked over fighting two warbands and decided to call it a day. This decision was made easier for Tom by Greatclaw, who single handedly smashed some of his warriors, including his captain. Did I mention the brilliant tactical plan that was behind this all?

Post battle income and experience rolls went quite nice. Once more the brilliant tactical plan was rewarded, when a meager henchman who had almost sneaked up behind enemy lines and almost had attacked a lone witch and by doing all this almost made an impact on the battle got the 'lad got talent' result. A fine hero indeed!

Mind the pig

Unfortunately my loyal fighter 'Flyhead, son of Flyhead, son of Flyhead' was, despite the tactical masterplan, taken out of action, rolled a 'dead' result on the injury table. So next battle his son 'Flyhead, son of Flyhead, son of Flyhead, son of Flyhead' will replace him, looking for revenge.