It's 30 degrees (outside) so let's have a battle

In about an hour we'll (hopefully) see battle again (no worries, just on the table top). Recently I found a hidden treasure on the web: A collection of scanned Town Cryers: here (A big THANX to Svenn!).

I vaguely remembered there was a scenario in the old days that made use of Heroquest tiles. Since I bought a second hand set of Heroquest (more or less complete), I am thinking/planning on combining Heroquest with Mordheim. So today, being the host of our game, I'll 'force' my companions in playing the 'Gauntlet' scenario. Hope they still like me afterwards... and hopefully they will hate my warband even more ;-)


  1. It was quite an entertaining battle even though the losses were on all sides were colossal :D But the good side of the scenario is that everyone got loads of XP.

    Some classic moments: more than half of the CoC warband fell in a pit simultaneously and that gobbo boss that couldnt get out of a cage for 4(?) consecutive turns.

  2. It was a game of epic proportions! My caged gobbo was hilarious of course (it dragged its cage back home in the end!). But at the start my Big Boss Sneaky git running headfirst into the dungeon to get scared and gallope back out again before the game even started was the best.

    Yesterday also my gobbo's took over the garden by the way. I will add a post here as well but for now the link will do: http://knuff.blogspot.com/2009/07/beestjes-in-de-tuin.html

  3. Words cannot describe the madness that the Feather Brigade found back in those cursed dungeons! Its a good thing only the captain, kept company by some small men, ventured deeper in the long forgotten treasure-lair.

    Everywhere dropped nets, cages and the floor could open with every step taken, surely this was no place for a small but sturdy halfling like me. After so much disaster we decided to let those pesky ooliganz keep the treasure, it wasn't worth fighting for.

    On the other hand, we lost no man and left no-one behind. Marty the Mighty even wounded and captured a greenskin in the progress! We sold him back to the tribe for a magnificent 40 gold coins! No bad deal, I say.

    The Feathers look forward to the next battle.

  4. It was a great game, despite that my Nurglies suffered quite a bit.. The start of the game was a little slow; figuring out how traps were set off and what would happen next (quite a lot ;-)

    Half of band never made it to the central squares were treasure and battle was to be found. However, my Plaguebearer did manage to get hold of the treasure, managed to fight off a Goblinoid Fanatic only to be shot(!) by a Orc. This proved to be too much for this demon and after four games of faithful service he fled to the Chaos Wastes..

    To look at the bright side: Two of my revenue managed to gain a lot of experience points and advances by taken some opponents out of the battle but mostly by escaping traps ;-)

    And there's always a next time...