Paint Session Goblins(1)

Recently I decided that tuesday night will be a regular painting slot. Our gamers are invited to stop by for some painting, modeling or just having some coffee and a chat about new warbands, upcoming games and whatnot. I've just finished my first tuesday evening painting and of course want to share with you the results.
For long I paint model by model. Sometimes I have severel projects going on but basically it's painting one model at a time. Now I wanted some extra models for the Wee Free Men warband, to easily switch when weapons change or extra warband members have to be hired. I also got a new (real!) night goblin shaman model from Hans that needs to be painted. Therefore with all these new models to paint, I decided to paint them together. Same stages for every model at the same time. Consistency of shading, color, highlights, inks etc. are now guaranteed basically, so actually it's quite a pre. Not too much at the same time but around 5 models will do for now. See how this will work out.
Current stage for all models is that they have a base coat of goblin green where needed (face, arms and legs) and a black layer on all things clothes related. Some parts where dark shading is needed I also aplied a bit of chaos black. For all Goblin Green parts I inked the creases with dark green ink. Now they can dry and the next time I'll (highlight) a new layer of Goblin Green to have nice tight dark green edges and deeper areas. After that I'll highlight the green parts up until almost white edges.
What are the results for today then! Okay, here they come.

First up these 3 guys, they are from left to right: a snotling modelled to hold a big mushroom (only black undercoated for now), A night goblin holding a spear and another night goblin holding a spear (also modelled an arrow through its hat!)

In the centre of this picture you'll see a night goblin champion. I removed the shield holder on its left hand and remodelled the hand again.

How cool is this project! It's of course a squig standing on half a goblin. Modelled the squig so its leg could actually stand on the head of the gobbo. The gobbo is half dismemberred and notice the foot standing beside the model. That will eventually stick out from between the teeth of this squig. How vicious and evil can a squig look eh!

This is the night goblin shaman I was talking about. First stage of painting obviously. He will probably get a couldron with some purple or bright green broth in it.

This is obviously a work in progress in a further stage that I wanted to showcase. This is my new Night Goblin Big Boss mounted on the giant squig. It is quit far finished already, but I am having trouble with the base. The idea is a spear in the ground and a giant musroom, but what to with the rest of the vast base..... Probably keep it "clean" with some grass or sand..... still thinking about this one.

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  1. wow.. I really feel very lazy now.. Should (re)start painting, blogging and photographing asap! ;-)