WIP: Wall of Morr

A small update on my progress of this weekend. I worked most of the time on the square where both the fountain and the wall of Morr will be placed. The wall is also built by the same friend that I talked about. In this case I had to finish it by creating a top cover (using Hirst Moulds tiles). Further more I did some little upgrades and paint work.
Most effort went into the basing of the floor plan. I hope the three components, wall, fountain and floor; will be finished for our next game friday.

And now for the images that will say so much more (I hope):


  1. Good job Arjan! Lot's of work done the last couple of days as I can see in these posts! You go away on holiday and the world changes! Can't wait until friday for playing with these new terrain pieces.

  2. That's shaping up nicely indeed! And it will allow for more multi-level fun it seems.

    What is the wall made of?

  3. Ah, very nice addition to the every growing table! Job well done I would like to say.