New Slayers

After some time on my worktop these two slayers only needed their final finishing touches. Of course this takes as much time as painting the first steps, but in the end they are done now! Based and ready to fight.

Actually they already starred many a fight in their almost finished state, but now it is al for real. I even took time to take proper pictures to show of these bulging biceps and very orange mohawks. I think a good adition to my Mordheim slayer warband for now!

Of course, more slayers can join, so more will be painted (or else they will be part of the new to form Warhammer Fantasy batlle army of dwarves that is about to form (in the next coming months that is).


  1. Fantastic painting once more!

    I also envy the amount of spare time on your hands :D . Superb!

  2. 2 more nice additions, Tom. Also the base on the first one looks good. But the mullet on the 2nd one 'steals the show'! He would fit right in with these: http://www.mulletjunky.com/picfix19.htm


  3. Damn, that's some fine dipping you did!
    (Sorry, could not resist ;-)

  4. I have the Garagrim model...but where can I find the 2nd one?

  5. I think it's from Gamezone.

  6. Yep it's a gamezone sworn dwarf http://www.gamezoneminiatures.de/product_info.php/info/p269_Sworn-Dwarf-III.html I also you use some avatars of war mini's for my slayer warband! The new Bor Dragonbane for example is now under my hands for painting. Find updates here soon :)