Pony wagon projects

It's been a while, posting on the blog but it has a reason! I just became a father of the coolest baby boy named Jonas! The painting projects are a bit on low priority the last couple of weeks. This week there was actually some time to paint some stuff!
I was already busy with a pony wagon for my dwarf treasure hunter warband and now finished it.

Yesterday I got a pair of ponywagons as a birthday present from one of our blog contributers Arjan. This got me a good idea on creating a pony wagon train with a pair of ponys. Since my dwarfs will be collecting gold and goodies to amounts they can't carry alone, wagons are in need! I assembled and converted the ponywagons to create the following:

Some conversions were needed. The two ponys need to be next to each other. Easy enough a dummy piece was placed where usually the single pony is.

From above the pony wagon set will look as follows:

The other conversion is the link from the second wagon to the first. The cutaway pieces of plastic frame provided nice pieces of plastic to to fit as a T-piece that will be the couple piece to the first wagon.


  1. Way to go!! Can't wait to attack the 'pony express' :-)

  2. Hi! That's good. I do this with my wagon http://aescalareducida.blogspot.com/2009/08/conversiones-jinete-enano.html

    There is no more wagon, indeed. And I used some parts of if to decorate a rome warmahine to be a dwarf warmachine.

    But, really, that doble pony wagon its nice.

  3. @ Christian, that's some cool stuff going on on your blog, have to use the google translate though to read any of it :)

  4. Yeah! Pony's taste nice, so more pony's equals more lunch!

    Other than that, it looks nice as always Tom :D

  5. Happy B'day Tom, I see you've found the time away from your 'other new hobby' to post something. ;)

    Those carts look heavy, I'm gonna call in the RSPCA on you. Poor Ponies!

    Me and a few friends are probably getting together for another evening of painting next tuesday or wednesday. Will keep you posted.