Beware of pickpockets ....

Every now and then I try to convince my gaming group that I actually do something on my warband. Yesterday I was working on some pieces of my ork warband when I stumbled upon an old and lost memory.

About 10 years ago I visited an event called "Spellenspektakel". Back in those days it was no display of commercial stores under one roof, but still an event with lots of small suppliers of miniatures and cardgames. It was then that I purchased a pack of 10 of these small men:

I believe this an old imperial halfling sniper of some sort, but I'm not really sure.

And then, all of a sudden it hit me (no, not the halfling), I could use this as an halfling in mordheim. All it needed was greenstuff and patience. Unfortunately, the gun is not easily converted to a bow or sword, so ordinary halfling's were out of the question. It IS however a nice model to try and GS a crossbow. And since the halfling thief is able to carry a crossbow pistol, I cut of the front half.
The rest of the model is pretty usable for a thief in fantasy, except for that hat and oversized headset. Good thing I was already greenstuffing, so I made the little fellow a cape. This way, he's the ultimate thief, hiding from everyone and "borrowing" stuff from everywhere! He already carries 2 big pockets , so that should work out all fine.
That being said, I took out the GS and started working. This is the result:

I'm pleased with the way the cape worked out. I'm not really happy with the crossbow yet, as it looks more like a big sausage roll horizontally placed on a piece of wood. This does fit the halfling way of doing things, but I might change it.

Anyway, greenstuff rocks!


  1. For the crossbow leaf spring you could try a strip of (maybe 1mm)thick plasticard and curve it with some heat from a hot-air gun.

    Looks like a great conversion from a WH40K ratling to WHF halfling. Well done. Reminds me of the thieves you'd run into in "Get Medieval"


  2. Nice one Ludo!
    I will check my bits box to see if I can find something that looks like a crossbow

  3. Thanks for the reaction mr fibble! Lucky for me, arjan happened to have another spare crossbow for me. Thanks alot for that one arjan!

    I will be converting that thing on him shortly.