dwarf cannon and crew painted

It featured already in a battle against slaanesh, but now it is ready and fully painted. All details on the canon done and the crew is done to the last detail. I also created two larger stone bases with all the accesories for the dwarf cannon. A large scope for spotting targets in the far distance and a set with a wheelbarrow containing some tools and a spare set of ammo on a small cart.

This is a nice set to put in my army and the two "scenery" pieces can also be good unit fillers for any regiment adding 2 places each. How universal, how great!

It was fun painting this set and it was quite quick actually. Or I'm becoming more skilled at painting the dwarfs. The lasat set of 10 dwarf thunderers took me a while but this cannon and crew was done in a couple of days. The cannon being mostly metal helps, but the crew are detailed little fellows, wrenches, looking classes and whatnot.

All these cool details really make the set and also makes it fun to paint. It really captures the look and feel of getting a canon loaded and shot at a large distance and hitting something. Now for the hitting part and doing damage I need a good game to practice this in!


  1. Very nice metal look and feel (especially like the bullit)! Time to do battle once more! :-)

  2. Lots of nice details and bits on this model Tom.
    Good job too.