2 Dwarf WHFBattles

Not one but two battle reports in one post. Since the battles took place a while ago and there are some notes, it will not be the best battle reports. Let me just tell you what happened to my dwarfs during these two battles. One battle is against warriors of chaos and one battle against deamons of chaos (slaanesh in particular).

First up a small skirmish Battle of Slaanesh deamons against Dwarfs. This is a small 750 point battle that we played the other day: Dwarfs against deamons and fast cavalry deamons that is.

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My perception of the battle up front (and for choosing my army) was that some magic would be involved and some big creatures would show up. I invested in a big block of 20 dwarf warriors and a set of 10 thunderers. Backing up the army would be a cannon against the big creatures and a Gyrocopter for harassing the low toughness troops that would march against me. A runesmith leading the army should be there as anti-magic as well.

The following happened when the dwarfs marched to battle. The scenario was a full battlefield with a river of blood, the odd building and fences running along the middle. Also some nice hills obscuring the vision of my canon were present.

I set up as far away from the Slaanesh as possible. Small groups of riders and small groups of warriors were put against me. 2 Slaanesh beasts were put in and a named character: The Mask.

Straight forward the games started with a march move of the riders. Didn’t calculate that! Immediately the game gave me less opportunity to start shooting of the riders. The fact that all troops were small groups and only one or two ranks deep wasn’t helping as well. The canon is not your best friend there.

The fast cavalry was closing in very fast and within two turns my dwarf warriors were in close combat flanked on both sides and my thunderers after shooting once and hitting nothing, ran of the table. Meanwhile the cannon after killing one slaanesh rider, went unemployed after the crew was slain in no time. The gyro was all that was left besides the dwarf warriors. The steamgun was picking some single riders away, but also not the best of throws with the dice here.
The dwarf warriors were engaged in close combat on three sides and this was done quickly, leaving the gyro the only one standing.
That was quick, that was over in a jiffy!

The battle was sponsored with some dwarf ale, but to no avail, the dwarfs lost.
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Learning points here: no anti magic needed (costed me a rune of balance, could have more warriors!), canon was useless against single line units (do without, only gyro or maybe organ gun and more points for slayers!), evade being flanked (invest in BSB). Finally: throw better dice! :)

Second battle was against warriors of chaos and was 1000 points. Also a small game and I put in a variety of troops here: 4 slayers, dragon slayer, thane, 16 dwarf warriors, 10 ironbreakers, 10 thunderers, 10 miners, gyro. This was actually my first 8th ed. game and I just wanted to try out all units I have painted the past months en see how they do in the game. Of course I wanted to win!

The chaos warriors fielded a hell cannon! Woah! In one shot I lost half of my unit of dwarf warriors! This was going bad! THe miners didn't turn up to deal with the cannon for 3 turns (and that was with the steamdrill!), but eventually took care of itself by blowing up.
A hefty block of warriors of chaos was moving towards me, Some satelite troops like chaos warhounds and whatnot was also advancing by I could pick them out with the slayers, gyro and thunderers. Good work there. Only to be stuck with the chaos warriors and they were tough! Eventually only my gyro was left to pick at the chaos warriors. This could go a very long time trying to kill a chaos warrior one at the time. Not a good ending for the dwarfs, but closer as with the slaanesh battle.

Learning points here: have to have a cannon to pick on the large units, characters, other artilery. Also bigger unit of dwarf warriors, they were decimated in minutes this small a size. If taking slayers, take more! :)

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  1. The 'secret valley' scenario did not help you either in the second battle. I'm still not decided on the Gyrocopter. It's a huge point investment (in these small battles) for what it does. On the other hand: It does have a very nice paint job :-)