To Prague

At the start of the year I made one (of many) resolutions: To paint a Flames of War army in time for the late war tournament in Huissen. However, due to some calendar issues (carnival) the tournamens was moved a week. Because of this I won't be able to compete, since the tournament now coincides with our holliday trip to Prague.

However I'm very happy and proud that my paint resolution was completed in time and with good result. Four IS-2 ("Stalin") tanks are now ready for action and with the new Red Bear rulebook just two or three would (pointwise) fit in my army.

On the internet I found a very nice picture of the same type of tank of the Czechoslovak tank army driving into Prague. I hope mine miniatures will do as good as this ones!

One of the sites I was hoping to visit in Prague was the Lešany museum, to look at the real thing. However it turns out that the museum is closed during the winter.... (Which gives another good reason to visit Prague during summer again :-)
So Í'm probably not going to see a lot of tanks in Prague, since even the famous pink one is also located in the museum nowadays..


  1. Now we just have to miss these beautiful tanks during the tournament, our loss :( We hope to see you during an upcoming tournament later this year!

  2. Sweet looking tanks, comrade. And what is that building in the background? That looks awesome as well!

  3. @Nemo: I'll try my best to participate in upcoming tournaments!
    @FBI: Both of the buildings are presents of my mother and mother in law respectively. The medieval is a miniature version of the Diezer port in Zwolle :-)

  4. it gets more and more tempting to start painting an army...but so much to paint...so little time.
    Good stuff again!