Mass Mordheim scenario: Treachery

The regular war-games group that you find on this blog, each have contacts to other players. We decided it was time to get everyone Mordheim-enthusiast together for a big game! The turn out was very good with 6 players. Even when not intended to play you were forced a war band an join in.
The scenario was Treachery and suited a large battle the best. All warbands start with some members in reserve so the battle field is not completely crowded from the start and reinforcements are dosed through the next turns.

This post will not be a direct battle report but just an impression on the night of gaming. It was a good point all our new scenery was finished and ready for playing since we needed a large battle field. My game table seems to becoming too small for these kind of games!

All six war bands started out very carefully hiding behind all buildings. Sneaking about a bit here and there some shots were fired but nothing big happened. The first hits exchanged were from some witch hunters. On the far ends some orcs and goblins were lurking and also the feathery chaps Averlanders were starting to show up here and there. The sturdy dwarfs were walking into the battlefield with no real fear. Confidence is everything.

Eventually more shots from crossbows, longbows and the black powder weapons were fired all over the battlefield, causing enough wounded to halve the war band members present. Clashes here and there eventually lead to the routing of 2 war bands after each other. THe remaining war bands exchanged some blows and all of a sudden only 2 war bands were left: the dwarfs and the orcs and goblins. Since the treachery scenery is one with alliances based on a deck of cards: the remaining war bands turned out to have an alliance (how unlikely this may seem).

It was a cool battle with lots of fun scenes everywhere on the battlefield. A good evening with all war-game fanatics. The future holds a lot of promising new opponents for Mordheim, Warhammer, maybe even 40K, necromunda and all other games we all play! The first game of the year gave us a good setting for the rest of this year. It will be good (maybe we even have to start a club?!).


  1. Uh oh.. the c*-word has now reached the blogzone...

  2. This one was really great! I had great fun with the 6 of us.

    And ... of course ... allied victory :)