BTB: The writing on the wall

It is time to catch up with some battle reports for games played for our Mordheim Border Town Burning campaign. This scenario fitted in nicely with BTB since a small border town can be taken for having some writings on the wall. Some particular occult and foreign writing that is! Here's how the game went.

The Orcs&Goblins, Possessed and Dwarfs all heard of some writing on the wall in this specific border town: Tawn Hut. In Tawn Hut strange dwellers were acting even stranger and there was of coarse treasure to be had. A strong gale was blowing and the suffocating heat was making it feel like walking in a dwarf smithy with the bellows on full blow.
Van A tale of some gamers
The streets of Tawn Hut were empty at this time of the night. The grey head clan was scavaging the streets but the goblins were squabling a lot. The heat was getting to them and on of the gobbo's refused to set any fut for turns on end. Getting at this writing on the wall was difficult especially with a deamonic steed appearing on the plaza. Some serious fighting started here.

At the other side of the plaza the blackbloods were looking for the strange writings and half of the warband engaged combat with the orcs and gobbo's. Magic was flying everywhere. Some rogue streaks of magic killing a big one. The possessed hired an ogre to do some dirty work for them and by blocking the passage of the dwarfs to an interesting alley, he did well.

The dwarfs were battling it with the ogre at one end of the alley while at the other end some grey heads entered very sneaky. The were meddling at a part of the wall there while the possessed and dwarfs were too preoccupied with themselves.

The writing provided very interesting indeed. THe writing being discovered by the sneaky greenskins the city of Tawn Hut provided no more interesting reasons to stay. The warbands breaking of the fighting returned to their respective safeholds after doing some exploratation in the fringes of Tawn Hut. The possessed actually found a map giving them the information to go chaos dragon hunting. The Dwarfs were enriched a lot and found some portions of madcap mushrooms. The grey heads found much needed experience in this battle and were more ready then ever to engage in a next fight!


  1. Nice report! I really enjoyed this scenario (especially since my victory on it :P ) and I must say that the photo's are of great quality as well. The feel is very good and lively, particularly on the last picture!

    The Grey Head clan is proud to be on here :) .

  2. Too bad that Orc has an academic skill (on the other hand: somehow I gained an academic degree somewhere). It gained him a turn of reading: just enough time to get away with the win.

    Great report Tom!