Christmas scenery update

Almost a post a day at the moment after the modeling session! But we must not overdo this of course! What's to show then? Painted buildings that is!
I painted my building and plaza. Also finished the wharf and dock pieces and painted them. Besides that I had some only black coated buildings lying around and decided to paint them as well. I was busy anyway!
This is the current result. My quirky tower building is almost done. Needs some wood finishing only. The flock has ten done to represent the occasional green plants here and there and needs not much aside from some color. I might go for some posters plastered to the walls. Oh I am busy making a half roof as a first experiment. Might go for a red or blue tiled roof here!

Next up is a half temple-ish building that was made by Ludo (a year ago?). I finished the paint job and added some snow for a change.

A picture of well...a plaza... nothing more nothing less but always handy to have lying around for one scenario or another!

THis small derelict shrine was not made by me, but don't know the origin actually. Also from a hobby session ages ago. Finished the paint job and added the greens. Might need some more color in the form of pots and cases or whatever.

Ah yes...the wharf... out of the box wooden wharf, only needed the stone docks and stairs to connect it with the rest of the scenery. A small ramp I added to get those barrels rolling onto the ships was all it needed actually. Painted 4 water sections to go. THey will need the water treatment, but I have to seal the edges first in order to pour the resin I use for water on it and not spill everywhere!

To finish this photo session off, an overview when these pieces are all connected together. THey look good, but will look better when finished and connected to the rest of the scenery waiting in my gamers deny: the attic!

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  1. Wow! Flock adds nice weathering and coloring effects! Hope to send in some updates myself tomorrow!