Suddenly nothing happened

.. and all was quiet on the blog..

So, in the hope of getting refinding the habit of blogging, here's a little update on my wargaming activities..

Our Mordheiming activities became lower with more people getting interested.. Arjen, Tom and I played one last game several weeks ago. We tried out some ideas of having a 'paperless campaign'. Our Mordheim campaigns normally have a small core of players showing up most of the time and a bigger group of people occasionally dropping by. After some rounds of gaming the experience based improvements of the frequently playing warbands makes those almost unbeatable for warbands with less experience.

Our new approach of just letting the warband captain (or even a hero chosen by the player?) will hopefully solve this problem. Additionally it will also drastically decrease the time and administration needed for all the post battle aftermath. Off course the back side will be that a lot of the fun of upgrading and rearranging of the warbands will be lost. And there will be some problems when combining this (lack of) system with campaigns like the wonderful Bordertown Burning. We'll just have to figure out all these things...

Another flip side we hope to explore is the 'cross system' use of the warband lead characters. Since our system will focus on them, the role-playing aspect will hopefully increase. With some small tweaks on the stats it should be possible to use them in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay or Dungeon/Warhammer Quest! (There will be some serious searching in the attic...) They could even turn up in a game of Warhammer (a game of what was that again?).

So there, my thoughts on the Mordheim plans.. (now back to painting those damn T-70's for FoW....)


  1. Still interested in hosting a WHFRP 2nd Edition game for/with you guys. ;)

  2. great to have a post on the blog again. That gives me direct motivation to start blogging again. In these days of twitter and facebook I post only very short messages on wargaming. This is the boost needed to go back to "ye olde blog"!

    @Mr_Flibble might take you up on the WHFRP offer! But do you have the time in your busy schedule?! :)

  3. Mr_Flibble That would be very cool! Would it be possible to use the stats of our warband heroes as 'input' for WFRP characters?
    Will have to check for suitable 'careers' for them :-)

  4. Won't be home for 9 days starting tomorrow, but after that we probably could plan something.

    Arjan, probably won't be impossible. But the characters would probably have a bunch of experience already. TrollSlayer is a high end career. And would they fit together in a group of adventurers? I mean Mercenaries okay, but Goblins, Chaos sorcerers or Vampires?

    Just throwing that out there. ;)


    p.s. Just where am I off to?

  5. Damn.. I'm so jealous of you participating in the 7th! ;-)

    As for WFRP careers/characters: We would probably bring along a Marienburg mercenary captain (Tom), a halfling(?) archer/hunter(??) (Ludo) and an Inquisitor type (Arjan). It would probably be wise to look at the career paths and start out as 'newbies' from a 'logical' starting point. The WFRP adventures would be the 'prequel' to our Mordheim stories..!?!?