Chaos in Carpathia, our first attempt

About a year ago we purchased the rules for chaps in Carpathia. Also a year ago we purchased the mini's that we were going to play for this game. Our warbands were collecting dust ever since :) But now was the time to dust of the old rules and get the game started. Something different then the ever present Mordheim, WHFB and whatnot. Since it was our first game, we chose a simple scenario within the city just to get to know the rules a bit. 3 warbands were present: Vampires, Witchhunters and my own warband: werewolves. I actually had some time this year to paint them, so fully coloured my warband members took to the battle field. My assylum inmates were some victorian ladies that banded with the wolves. The leader of the pack is the "dottore" in human form, but with the wolf features to distinguish him from a regular human. This post will from the werewolves point of view obviously. First thing I noticed with the werewolves was there movement. Specifically the enormous movement available to them (maybe I'm a bit biassed by playing with dwarves). Anyway, the werewolves were running around on buildings and parapets en suddenly getting shot at by vampires (or there henchmen). The order of play is refreshing. Every time a character or group moves, shoots, fights etc. until the next warband character or group can make its actions. This gives a good sence of everything happening at once. The werewolves were running and hiding while the witchhunters and vampires quickly got to grips with each other. It was a matter of who got control of the mob of our scenario. Nice to see influence working and a mob swirling back and forth. Eventually the withhunters got control of the mob after they lost a victim to it. My werewolves were getting in combat with the vampires and slayed some bloodsuckers. The combat mechanics gave us at first the idea, that all warband stats and members were very evenly matched. It took a while before a casualty fell in hand to hand combat. My wolf pack suffered a big loss at the beginning leaving only 2 wolves but they held out in the next rounds of combat. I found that odd, since their vitality (life) is measured by the amount of wolves left. Apparantly their stats were enough to survive and getting no wounds. The vampires had a bad time against the wolves, the fact that the withchunters were harassing them, wasn't helping either. All in all a fun game and our first contact with the game mechanics of Chaos in Carpathia. Defintely a game we will pick up and start a campaign with. For me, new wolves have been painted and the warband grows! :)


  1. Nice wrap up of the battle.. Looking at the pictures I promiss I'll will paint those tin men asap :-)
    Still wonder if we played the 'killing part' of the rules correctly. It turned out to be quite hard to finish off an opponent.. Oh well.. next time...

  2. A great game indeed! I am really fond of the game rules and the look-and-feel. We should definately start a campaign at some point.

    Nice battlereport there as well!

    @arjan: A comment often heard with this game is exactly that, killing an opponent seems to be really hard, in contrary to Chaos in Cairo ("followup" game ruleset). To me , it just encourages to use the fate dice even more.

  3. already looking forward to the next game this friday! I have new wolves painted up and ready to go!