Hobby time

The yearly event of making scenery took place just after christmas this year. We gathered to create new scenery pieces. As known from this blog we have sets of Hirst Arts Moulds that we pull out each year to create new buildings and ruins to play our games with. All hobbyists from all the corners of the Netherlands came out (actually Rick was the furthest away and the rest could come by bike, but still!). Crates full of plaster bricks and accessories were hauled in to build. MDF bases were at the ready and the day could start. Coffee was provided for and we actually used an agile process to get the architecture right. Not the first time right mind, but we got it in the end. Buildings sprouted aplenty and since we get better every year, the buildings become more complex and interesting. We produced a nice church, a nautical themed inn, another two more undetermined buildings but nonetheless very interesting. In the end fries were brought in to sustain any hunger so we could complete the building madness in the evening hours. To finish stuff off Zombicide was put to the table and the night ended with my house being taken over by zombies. What a great day it was. Now the painting of the buildings is on the way and I actually some finished parts as well, but that's for another post.

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