Building projects in Mordheim

Inspired by the nice series of battle we played, I've started to (re)construct the Mordheim buildings I collected over the years. The first action was to give each of them a base. Hopefully this will mean they will become a little sturdier.

The results up till now can be found here. Next step will be to paint the bases and enhance them a little with details like gravestones & such ;-)
And last but not least: Find a suitable method to store and transport them...


  1. Sweet! Maybe we can all help you next week during the painting/modelling session we have planned. Our respective bit boxes should provide plenty of stuff to enhance the bases.

  2. Great stuff, let's also discuss the use of moulds and what look so we can all make terrain and have a common look and feel for them. The next Mordheim games will be more photogenetic then ever!