Paint Session Goblins (3)

It has been a while since the first stage of gobbo painting (Night gobbo painting that is). Of course I have been doing some painting in the mean time (I'm not that slow) but not always them gobbo's. The dwarf treasure hunter Morheim gang is taking shape and I found some gnoblar trappers that will do nice as cool base-additions to the existing gobbo's. Bases are still a poblem for me. I can't get the hang of finding a good theme and stick with it for the entire gang.

Anyway how are the gobbo's doing I posted earlier? My way of painting consists of doing one color at the time and if possible working it out entirely. Starting with the large surfices I work m way to the details. The large surfaces are also ideal for highlighting easy and these are the first things I did. With these night gobbo's I started with the green skin of the gobbo's and finishing it with severel highlights.
Next stage are the black clothing the night gobbo's hae. I reworked all black surfaces in a clean way. That means that I paint all items black with clean lines bordering other (future) color areas. In this way I don't have to keep reworking parts because other areas are "tainted" with the wrong color. I like clean lines here where possible. So black areas were done and I highlighted them towards a light bleue. First stage is a heavy regal blue highlight to give the night goblins the look of wearing midnight blue robes. Because wear and tear they are highlighted towards light blue and even light grey is used here.

Next up are the silver areas I started with boltgun metal painting the iron/silver parts. The iron parts will be worked upon with a black ink probably, leaving it a dark metally surface (like the pot of the night goblin shaman). The silver parts ( I like my night goblins to have lots of silvery jewelry) will be highlighted with chainmail metal (earrings, bracelets, etc.).
After this it is basically time for detailing the gobbo's This means picking out the bad moon symbols, mushrooms they are carrying, weapons, etc. I use bright colors for small items so they stand out. Also some skulls have to be done and they will be "bony" in look and feel. Starting with black dark browns, I then usually highlight them to bleached bone (in rare occasions even a final white highlight).


  1. Wow.. Even with the nice weather around you manage to get a job done and done very well!! (Can't wait till I get to do the time management course ;-)

  2. Of course painting CAN be done outside in the sun! Ideal lighting conditions and whatnot! Best of both worlds I'd say!