New Warband: Dwarf Slayers

New Warbands are always difficult. What to choose and when chosen a subject what will be the contents of the warband. I started playing a night goblin warband in Mordheim and I almost finished the last models for this warband. With these done I have a big set of gobbo's to create a warband and change a warband with. Final items are some bases for now.
So a new warband since we all had ideas of starting a new warband. First up for me were the dwarfs. Cool sturdy warband and something completely different then the unpredictive gobbo's. Exploring the possibilities of the dwarfs I found that the warband could contain a slayer. In a far away past I played a trollslayer in Warhammer Quest. So the slayer theme was born. Doing some investigation further I came across some sites of players that already made some experimental rules for a slayer warband. Eventueally the following rules for Slayers in Mordheim seem to fit the best.
So how will the slayer warband look like:

Giant Slayer with 2 dwarf axes
Troll Slayer 1 with 2 dwarf axes
Troll slayer 2 with a 2-handed Gromril axe
Troll slayer 3 with 1 dwarf axe
Clansman 1 with mace and shield
Clansman 2 with 2 pistols

I'm still figuring out how to equip the clansmen for this warband. I've been looking at adding only some slayers to this warband but for the story of the warband it seems better to have some followers in the form of some clansmen. In the future slayers can be added and maybe also a rememberer. Or maybe equipe the clansmen with some armour is also a nice option. Still not sure there. The SLayers also should have some tattoos and/or scars of course. With this list of dwarfs there is little gold left for that. Maybe down-equiping them and adding the tattoos might prove interesting slayers. Even thought of "scrificing" a Troll slayer for more tattoos/equipment.

The miniatures have been bought for this band: Garagrim Ironfist will be the Giant Slayer for the band and I bought the set of boxed troll slayers. Some longbeards will be the clansman and maybe a special character like the Dwarf Master Engineer with Brace of Pistols might be a nice clansman.

The bases for the dwarfs is a bit of dillema. For the gobbo's I followed the "rubble" base technique found on the web. I can't find the link again but it basically is putting some glue on the base, put stuff on it that you have lying around on your modelling area (cut of bits, sticks, etc.) put them in. Then I put them in some very fine sand and let them dry. A quick lick of black paint and highlight with graveyard earth and bleached bone for the good Mordheim city rouble street look and you're done.

For a painting schem I'm also still deliberating. We did some brainstorming on the color of the beards and crests of the slayers. I am doubting between black or the original orange. Maybe the orange will prevail and I have to come up with some cool scheme for the trousers. Still to get a more Mordheimy look and feel the dwarfs will get some more pouches and stuff (dead rats and frogs) and the odd eye patch. Some green stuff challanges there but good fun to create.


  1. Hi Tom, looks like a nice fluffy list. 1 comment: try to get the maximum no of heroes from the start so you can roll more dice in the exploration phase and get more gold.

  2. Armour for slayers? That doesn't sound like a true slayer to me. True slayers seek comfort in death, even their own!

    Other than that, nice list. I would try decorate the bases with stuff like gems every once in a while, I think it suits them well.