Dwarf Treasurehunters WIP

My Dwarven warband is already up and running in our Border Town Burning campaign. It is always nice though to have some backup mini's for new recruits, change of gear and the like. Besides I love painting, therefore new dwarfs are in progress. This is a small update of the projects going on now.
First up is a dwarf ironbreaker. I managed to get a good deal on an old box of ironbreakers. Ideal material for my Mordheim dwarf warband in my opinion. This is the one that is now under the brush. The metal was easy of course (and there is a lot of it). But this sturdy fellow is riveted all around and I came up with the great idea of making all the details bronze. Took me a while to paint all these rivets and details altogether. The finsished pics will show this in more detail. For now this is its status:

Click to enlarge of course!

Next up is the noble, there was of course a noble leading my warband, BUT... not a real goodlooking noble-y fellow representing this. This dwarf leader is the ideal mini for leading my warband here. Lot of gold thread to paint but it is getting there.

A new thunderer in progress. i only managed to paint the leather armour he is wearing though. Awesome model though. Again a good deal on an old box of thunderers and this one with the dragon barrel is really shaping up to take part in our Mordheim battles. I also want to start with a small conversion of one of the thunderers to put a big sight on one of the guns with an enlarged eye painted on. Ideas enough, now find some time to execute.

A beardling is also being painted (only undercoat and first layer of skin). Almost not worth mentioning, but since I was posting on what projects are going on her he is:

New slayer in town. no this is not a BA Baracus Slayer personification: it is a first layered skin dwarf slayer. Took a while to pin this fellow together and greenstuff all the gaps, but he will be cool and mean looking.

A Marker or signpost is a small side project to the mini's. No big buildings this time but small details to upgrade the existing buildings we have. Also an orb, some books and chests have been painted (no pics though).

Finally, I made a statue for our scenery. For comparison my noble is standing beside it. The statue is made with air curing clay (not my favorite stuff to work with, but still reasonably result). It will be incorporated in a small marker or building/ruins/rubble or some other.


  1. Woah! Those are some nice models!

    And the painting skills are certainly still improving every time you paint. Very nicely done man :)

  2. We definitely need a bootcamp for painting with Tom as personal trainer ;-)

  3. New childrens party concept: building castles (with plaster bricks) and painting mini's. It might be a hit!
    Probably the it will attrackt only you guys, but still! :)