BTB: Avalanche

Note: pictures to be added!

The first real scenario's are going to be played for our Border Town Durning Scenario. The beastmen and the the Blackbloods are entering the dungeons with the Horrors of the Underground. Myself put my Dwarf Treasurehunters against Ludo's new Undead warband in the Avalanche scenario.

The avalanche scenario is a quite scary one for the dwarfs. you don't know from what table edge the giant avalanche will come. Dwarfs are fable for their adventure skills but running away from an avalanche is not their cup of Bugmans (or stein for that matter)!

The scenario we put out had some sparse terrain items like rotten trees, a graveyard a small road and one abandoned inn. Not much room to hide against gale force winds, blizzard conditions and the bitter cold. Sturdy dwarfs as they are, the treasurehunters pushed through the snow towards the abandoned building with the rumble of an avalanche from one side! They directly started moving away from the deafening roar of the avalanche. The engineer all of a sudden spotted a foul undead necromancer approaching fast from out of the graveyard. He takes his perfectly engineered handgun and from a large distance with the first shot kills the necromancer instantly.

The echoe of the shot is reverberating through the valley and after some seconds a new rumble can be heard over the already present avalanche noise....a new avalanche is triggered. Now it comes from the other side closing in the warbands in a very narrow funnel.
The giant avalanche is suddenly approaching rapidly towards the building in the center of the field encapsulating the Undead Vampire. The last thing he heard and saw was a dark rumble and lot of white. The dwarves start hacking away at the remaining undead who are now in a very tight spot. The next turn the undead route with their vampire and necromancer of the field. The dwarfs narrowly escape the avalanches of snow and actually take home a lot of weirdstone. These mountains are a good trove for dwarfs "mining" for weirdstone.

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  1. Yeah ... not exactly like planned, but a fun battle nonetheless :D