BTB: Blockade

Note: Pictures to be added.

The evening was still young and playing scenario's parallel is quite a good feat. Very effective playing compared to the massive time consuming multi player battles we usually play. There is still time to set up a new scenario and start playing. Winner against winner for me this time. Since the Posessed won the other battle and getting a slimy egg, I got to go against them for a change. Already my opponent was dreading my dwarves and of course my dicerolls. That started right out good since I got to choose being a defender or the attacker. My dwarfs are typical defender material so that was not a hard choice to make. The groaning of my opponent made it more clear how good a choice this was for me.

The watchtower in the middle and some forest to one side, the 2 handgunners I have took their high position and the slayers were ready to charge out when the enemy comes near. For some reason the Possessed thought it a good idea to split up and attack the watchtower from 2 sides. The game started easy enough with the posessed approaching and the dwarfs trying to shoot them. For some reason in turn 2 already the supplies wagon entered the table with 5 guards. From experience after the battle these guards are good fighters! The wagon moved on to the field and towards half of the posessed from the back. In no time they were fighting!

From the other side the Posessed tried to make it through the woods. Sinces these are the borderlands and these are howling woods, the Possessed where so scared it took them literaly 4 turns to get through a bit and then still one Possessed was to scared and stayed behind. All the while they get shot every other turn and this diminished the Possessed significantly. Almost my expert Dwarf engineer managed to shoot the Possessed leader in 1 shot at the first turn of the game (as with the necromancer in the previous battle) but it was not meant to be this time.
The half the possessed getting slaughtered by the guardsmen (who also were having trouble of course), and upon seeing this carnage the slayers leaped out the watchtower and charged into the melee, making a definite mess of the left Posessed. The other half was now in hiding under the shadow of the watchtower. Some shooting there in in no time the Possessed were routed of the table, making the dwarfs victors again. Having the cart in the watchtower earned them some campaign points and again the dwarfs found considerable weirdstone and treasure ready to equip them better for scenario's to come. There might even be enough money to buy a pony cart for starters. This to carry all the wealth they have and are about to accumulate.

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  1. A good story about a sad affair... Think I'm gonna invest in bows, because my Chaos 'warriors' are obviously not capable of h2h fighting...

    Oh well..

    Next time.....