WIP: dwarf gyrocopter

After going through hell to get all the parts glued, the dwarf gyrocopter was sprayed black. I let the gyro rest for a couple of days to see if nothing came off. Everything was glued with huge amounts of superglue, but still it could come off.
This did not seem the case and I've started to paint the gyro and the rotor separately. For the progress pics i put the two together, but they are not yet glued in place.

Color scheme wise, I went for the beige and red I also used on my dwarf warriors. Whit the base coat on the gyro, the color scheme is starting to work out very well. I randomly selected patches that became red, and the tips of the rotor were to be red. The metal is painted boltgun, washed badab black and then highlighted boltgun and chain mail. I also painted the exhausts brass and some tubing and runes as well. The steamgun is also a big brass pipe in my scheme.


  1. Fast! Bring the ZSU M17 MGMC in place and fire!
    Oh damn, wrong game....

    Nicely painted target though!

  2. OK someone is painting his little tanks and stuff! :)

    Target! Ik think not, this one is so fast, you'll be looking at the steamgun nozzle in no time!

  3. "Warning! Shilka! Shilka!" was usually the last thing I heard when flying one of those windmills :P

    I'm told pinning the rotorsblades to the hub is not really an option with this model of the gyrocopter. Mark had the same problem with his I recall.