WIP: dwarf ironbreakers, thunderers

In between Mordheim battles there is progress to made on the dwarf painting front. I just recently finished the first set of dwarf warriors. Pictures will be here soon of course, but I went on painting more dwarfs and started on 10 ironbreakers. They are maybe not the best unit to choose for WHFB but they are fluffy and the models are cool. Nice little sturdy tanks.
The paint scheme is simple here. Metal (boltgun, black wash, highlight chainmail, highlight mithril silver) is the base and then gold and copper detailing, oh and painting some beard ends sticking out of some helmets at odd angles.
I already painted one full fledge as a trial run (and as a figure for my Mordheim warband) and the shields will be blue with gold axe and metal edge.
Of course they will get the stone bases as the entire army will get. They start to look good in their metal base colors here. Already painted to with the full set of copper details. They are a pain to paint. The models are stuffed with bolts (that are copper/gold in my scheme). So three down seven to go.

Since the ironbreakers are progressing rapidly and needed to dry in between drybrush sessions, I started to clean up the thunderers and give them their chaos black spray treatment. Here they are lined up as they will be in battle. Here two of the thunderers are already painted since they were needed in the Mordheim warband. Only 8 to go here, but they have a lot of detail and equipment to paint individually. The total paintscheme will be a lot of leather clothing and the equipment carried by the thunderers that is mostly tools for loading their handguns, metal and copper. The shells they are carrying will be bright red and the handguns metal with gold ornaments.

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  1. That's an awful large warband... Oh wait...

    So, after the summer break it's gonna be Warhammer time?!?