“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

New kid checking in: After joining the group and working on my Carnival of Chaos warband since April (personal record), I needed to work on something else for a bit. Having discovered steampunk on Beasts of war in their Wolsung video, I bought two of these Micro Art studio miniatures to see if I like working with their models. To me the Wolsung miniatures are oozing character, which is a nice break cause the carnival of chaos miniatures are mostly oozing pus. Being more of a builder/converter than a painter and it is so refreshing to be working on a miniature that is not covered in straps, boils, buckles, pouches and skulls. Lots of large surfaces, but for instance the clothing is nicely structured with creases and wrinkles so it has a nice texture to work with. So painting is easy and fast and you can try to freehand a bit, which is something I usually don't do. But that's because mostly I've been painting beastmen and things covered in rust, blood and guts. It's still WIP, I need to finish up the base and varnish the mini, but I'm quite happy with this first mini so I wanted to show it off. About the miniature this is one of my favourites from the Wolsung line.
It's an Ogre Bruiser from the Ash & Oak club, a henchman catering to the wishing of the rich and mighty with some brass knuckles. For some reason he reminds me of an Irish bar-brawler, so the vest needed to be green. Googling Victorian clothes, I found many plaid and striped pants so that was a nice challenge to try out. The other miniature I bought is Mary Fearless, a hot little aristocratic lady who can shoot the lights out. She has two funds, so she can pay for the services of the Ogre bruiser. She'll be the next project after I finish my nurgle warband, which is hopefully the next update. Another thing I've recently discovered thanks to Ludo and Tom is that these miniatures can double for both Wolsung and In her majesty's name. So I should get good mileage from them. :)


  1. (In my case a punch on the nose usually is the reminder that I should have had a plan in the first place)

    Model looks lovely, time to dive into the Victorian age!

  2. This one is looking great! Loads of details and stunning colour scheme there! Indeed it will be a worthy opponent for my steam soldier army.

  3. IHMN here we come! Great model! Great painting!