Miniswap 2014

Something as the miniswap 2014 is stuff that gives me something new to paint and to break existing paint structures. I am busy painting away at Ogres for some time now and before that it were dwarves for years. The occasional other model comes by, but it is difficult to paint something completely different since it will not fit your army or game system you are working with. The miniswap is the ideal event to do just that and even have it a bit of a surprise to see what model it will be.
A painting challange for myself is nice but is also very interesting to see what your “opponent” will paint and how he paints it. What is his choice for paint scheme and how will his paint techniques work out.
All in all a great event to participate in. For me I sent in an Ogre Butcher. It was an old model I had lying around for some time now, it came from a collection I bought in 1 go and needed to be repainted. I stripped the paint and sent in the model. I am paired with @NigelSBartlett and he sent me an Eldar Farseer. It couldn’t be a model farther away from my safe paint environment of Ogres and Dwarfs. Not only another army but also another game entirely (still GW though). I painted some tyranids maybe 15 years ago but that was it for me painting Warhammer 40K stuff. The Eldar are something I’ve played against, but that was also 15 years ago and the closest I got to the elder. Now I was holding a farseer! Great model, nice and sleek, Elfy (also big contrast with my Ogres and Dwarfs).
Now is the time to come up with a paint scheme. I actually did some research on Eldar in general, color schemes and craftworlds. In the end I settled for blue/turquoise with white and brass accents. The cloak is something screaming for a nice painting on it, so I will have a go at painting a nice big wave on it with a small wave trail along the edges.

Plan in place, start painting! Progress was a bit slow due to some holidays here and there, but suffice to say I finished the Farseer. A nice paint project and in the end the base gave me to most problems, creative wise. It is a readymade base that comes with the model. Discussed with Nigel that snow fits the army. Therefore a stone to be painted and some snow to be added but nothing much more then that really. I must say with the white snow and the white in the model it fits the complete picture nicely. 


  1. Looking very nice! The blue color scheme still fits the eldar really well imho. Also job well done on the freehand.

  2. The work on the blades and freehand on the cloak look great. Also the snow-covered base works really well with the white and blue of the miniature.