Review: Felix and Gotrek first omnibus

A blog about Mordheim gaming is linked to stories of fabled heroes wandering the realms. Therefore I found it appropriate to add a small review of the latest book I'm reading.

The stories of Felix and Gotrek exist for some time and they are now available in a handy paperback omnibus (there are 2 actually, the second omnibus I also have, but first this one has to be read of course). As said an omnibus containing 3 books, giving you approximately 800 pages of reading material. I'm now half way the first book and I have to say it reads quickly (more info on the book on amazon).
For those of you who don't know who Felix and Gotrek are: Gotrek is a Trollslayer and Felix a human with some noble (educated) background. The story is that Gotrek saved the life of Felix (he was almost trampeled) and they got drunk and took a blood oath. Since then Felix is sworn to follow Gotrek to note down his heroic adventures and write down the story of Gotrek and how he eventually dies in some epic fight. The Trollslayer has undergone some crime in which he lost his honor and now he is sworn to roam the lands to meet his death in some fight against a truly big enemy.
Felix and Gotrek take up all kinds of adventures in this first book. It mostly are small quests where they start in a city, adventure out in the lands and mountains, find some gang of beastmen, chaos warrios, troll, slay them and head back to a city. In that sence it is a bit tedious that the same concept returns. But reading the fights they get in is high tension reading and a lot of fun.
I was already thinking of starting a dwarf Mordheim warband and when reading Felix and Gotrek this becomes more and more appealing. The dwarf society (and specifically the trollslayer) is definitely a good idea to start a warband with. Also reading this book gives some background on how dwarfs also venture to cities and are not alone to be found in the mountains burrowing deeper and deeper! I think the new dwarf warband will have a Gotrek theme around it.
When I'm a bit further in the book a new update will follow. Tips for other books are welcome of coarse!

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  1. Nice review, Tom. Looking forward to that dwarf warband u mention ;-)