Fizzle & Shizzle

I’d like you to meet the newest member of da ‘Ooliganz. It’s my shaman Shizzle, freshly recruited as a replacement of his brother (and fellow shaman) Fizzle. Fizzle came to an untimely end in the last battle after a bullet from an Averlander pistol hit a soft spot of his otherwise thick skull.

Fizzle is nonetheless worthy of a place in the hall of fame as he was the reason why da ‘Ooliganz made the trip to Mordheim in the first place. Hoping that the consumption of wyrdstone would help improve his (at best) rather mediocre shamanic skills, he convinced the leader of his tribe to send an expedition to Mordheim by drawing a vivid picture of fat lootz and ‘eadz to bash in.

Well, the promise of fat lootz and ‘eadz to bash in proved right. But sadly, it turned out that it didn’t help his shamanic skills very much, as he managed to cast only one successful spell in 5 battles. The fact that Thrall, the leader of da ‘Ooliganz, decided to sell all the looted wyrdstone for hard cash instead of giving some to Fizzle probably didn’t help either.

Anyway, after Fizzle’s demise Thrall decided to hire his brother Shizzle as a replacement. It won’t be long before he can prove himself in battle. Hopefully he will turn out to be more talented than his brother!


  1. Let's see if Shizzle can reach that record of not connecting to the Waaagh just as Fizzle did! Maybe names of Shamen should not be that pessimistic as Fizzle but something like "Shazam" or "EadBursta" .....

  2. I was thinking among the same lines, hence the name (da) Shizzle for his brother ;-)

  3. After combining some very dark and deep neural pattern with a google search I 'remembered' that there used to be a dutch girl band called 'Frizzle Sizzle'...
    Let's hope that your shamans will behave in battle in the spirit of their songs: 'Treat me good', 'Never give up', 'Talk it over' or my own favorite: 'Why do boys'