So, what's going on...

Well, a group blog, and I'm a member, how on earth did this happen?
With the demise/decay of my personal blog continuing in a domain far far away and my local gaming club fading away in hibernation, I thought my days as gamer were over.

But it was not to be: Saved by old (Ludo), very old (Hans), ancient (Arjen) and a new friend (Tom) I'm back in Mordheim. And back at the painting station. And even back on in blogosphere.

So what's happening?

My Carnival of Nurgle is spreading diseases in the old town, cowering at the sight of very large and very small greenskins, trying to kill off those nasty Averlander halflings with my brutes (three rounds of h2h, no halfling injured in the experiment..) And always looking out for those pesky high elves returning whenever you don't expect them ;-)

And off course on a different front I survived yet another EuroGT . And yes, this site really really needs to be redone.. So, after the holiday, I'll look into it (Promised Lex, have to avoid the curse of the grey seer...) (Anyone interested in joining the EuroGT webteam, let me know!).

And then there's the big temptation round the corner: Flames of War... I could not longer resist and subscribed to Wargames Illustrated and am now waiting for my first FoW box to arrive from down under :-)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted!

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