Miners and a runesmith sneak peak

A quick update on the painting front. For WHFB 8th I'm painting a 750 point dwarf army. It's going slow, but it's going. I managed to finish 5 miners and yesterday painted a runesmith. The miners are completely done but the runesmith needs basing though. Still I took a couple of quick snapshots to keep you guys happy. Here they are!


  1. Good looking dwarfs, as usual I might add :)

    Although I can't seem to figure out what that runesmith is trying to do, other than something he is obviously to small for :P

    Good work though, how long did it take to finish the miners?

  2. Wow, this man is painting faster than I can blog :-)
    First picture makes you wonna sing 'Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to work we go..'

  3. Miners in total took me 8 hours for the 5 of em I think. So it's not that fast I suppose. Mostly I have some projects parallel going on and sometimes they are done quickly after each other.

    The runesmith obviously is striking runes!