SideProject: The Luggage

Of course our full focus is on the Mordheim border town burning campain, but painting nice miniatures is always nice :).
I came across this mini of the Luggage (for all you Pratchett fans a know figure, otherwise just a nice box with feet :) ).
This is the result of painting the little bugger:


  1. Kewl,

    That reminds me, I need to invest in some new Terry Pratchett Novels. I'm just about finished with reading 'Nation' (After about a year of not touching a book I read this one in record time).

  2. Awesome paintjob here tom! Luggage does deserve a spectaculair painting and this worked out very well I reckon.

    so ... when does rincewind turn up?

  3. Wow, to use a warped Dutch sentence in a warped way "wat een boffer met zo'n koffer!"

    I think 'luggage' screams for a special scenario!

  4. Great looking suitcase (even though I'm not familiar with Terry Pratchett's novels)!

    I wouldn't mind writing up a scenario, what are his characteristics/qualities/etc?

  5. Wrote the chars for The Luggage!
    Feedback much appreciated and input for Hans' scenario!

    The Luggage

    Made from sapient pearwood, this virtually indestructible case has a real nag of following you around. The Luggage can be very protective of it’s “owner”. Ownership of the Luggage is not yours to decide, it decides for itself who to follow and who to attack!
    Appearances may deceive you, at a distance it just an ordinary chest. When you avert your eyes for a second it seems to have moved closer? Are those tiny legs, you might wonder? Movement of the Luggage is better than average and quite the sneaky type.

    M BS WS S T W A I Ld
    5 2 5 4 5 2 2 2 10

    4+ ward save
    Is it a small demon of some kind? It well might be! To represent it’s demonic behavior the Luggage has an unmodified ward save of 4+.

    Immune to fear
    It’s a chest! What fear can have influence on that!

    Lure of treasure
    The Luggage can act as bait. It will look like a treasure chest with it’s lid wide open and the gold and gems glimmering away. This will enchant any combatant and upon hoarding treasure out of this seemingly innocent chest, it can snap your fingers of. Are those teeth in that chest?
    Roll a die, on a 4+ the Lure of treasure is in effect for d3 rounds or until the chest snaps close.
    Take a leadership test to avoid the lure. If you fail the leadership test you take an automatic strength 3 hit because of the lid snapping close. If you pass the leadership test you can choose to make an attack that automatically hits or try to gather some of the treasure by rolling 2D6 on the table below:

    2-3 Nothing, scooping up the treasure is like grabbing hold of water, a good illusion this treasure
    4-6 4D6 gold coins
    7-10 1 wyrdstone shard
    11-12 D6 wyrdstone shards

    Will of his own
    The Luggage has definitely a will of his own. To represent this roll a 2D6 each round starting from the first encounter with the luggage and consult the table below:

    2 The Luggage leaves, running off, in search for other interesting subjects to play with
    3-11 The Luggage remains in play
    12 The Luggage seems to like you. If you are a hero it may well start to follow you. You now have gained the luggage as a henchmen (you may control him and his abilitilies, movement, attacks etc.) and you may use it from now on in future battles. After each battle roll 2D6 and on a 2 he abandons you.

  6. Haha, me likey the rules of 'La Luggage'! Don't know if i still have to think up a scenario, just put him on the battlefield and go for it would work me thinks.... I'll give it some more thought..

  7. It would be cool to have a scenario where can encounter the luggage in order to get him to follow you. More like one of the special BTB scenario's. You have to earn the right to play the scenario and then there is only a chance he will follow you, maybe like the egg the possessed is constantly finding and it turning out to be slimy in stead off the most coveted chaos artifact.

  8. Errr...why exactly does it have a BS of 2 or any at all for that matter? It's not like it's good at shooting anything...

    ...Except maybe launching itself at some unfortunate thief, or it might hurl something out of its pocket-dimension?

  9. hmm good point on the BS. I put it that low, since indeed it wouldn't shoot anything or would be very bad at holding a crossbow or the like. Shooting something out of the multi dimension chest might be a good feature. On the other hand I think it more a physical chest pounding on you with its many feet!
    I think I leave it at 2 for now, but none would be equal as good.

  10. Perhaps there should be a penalty as well for 'owning' the Luggage. Something like losing part of the treasure(s) you find because they get stored in the Luggage (and you're not able to convince it to give them back) (??)