Into the dungeons!

After some "Horrors of the Underground" scenario battles and a hilarious Gauntlet slaughterfest I started thinking about building some proper scenery pieces for this type of scenarios.

The pieces should be useful both as 'Dungeon tiles' and as 'normal' Mordheim scenery. That means that the size should be compatible with the Border Town Burning and Dungeon Quest tiles and with our own 'decimal basing' system.

The final inspirational 'straw' which I needed was seeing the beautiful 10mm dungeon made by (fellow EuroGT gamer) Nik Harwood.

So with the help of my former neighbour Gert who provided me with a huge stock of freshly cast tiles (@Gert: THANKS!!! :-)
I started out. So far I made three tiles as shown above. There's a center piece with four entrances and two gangways. One of the gangways has an external staircase, not very useful (or even to be used) in a dungeon setting, but allowing some tactical manoeuvring in Mordheim :-)

The second gangway has a 'wooden' bridge of the type that dungeon masters seem to prefer...

Ideas, tips and suggestions for this or the next set of dungeon pieces are more than welcome! (And also tips on the 'safe storage of scenery pieces' are very welcome :-)


  1. That looks promising, Arjan! Some more ideas could be:

    - a prison cell (preferrably with a skeleton chained to the wall)
    - a collapsed/blocked hallway
    - a hallway with a pit (with optional spikes at the bottom) that you have to jump over (I tests r us)
    - a room with a tomb (optionally dedicated to Tom's dead ├╝berslayer)

    Not very original I'm afraid but maybe usefull.

  2. Brilliant! Nice tiles there! We have to start making torches then!

    Hmm more ideas ...

    - treasure room
    - sewers
    - insect room, indiana jones style
    - worship altar to some chaos god
    - some more regular hallways
    - dragon egg room

  3. I agree with the gentleman above, what a superb start to a magnificent piece no doubt!

    My suggestions:
    - corridor with spiked traps
    - room with cracked tiles with very small lava streams in them
    - room with a pit of void (bottomless pit) or maybe tar?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Really like the tomb suggestion of Hans ;-)

    I made another tile last Saturday, now it's time to do some painting (and wait for more bricks :-)